The San Francisco Treat

Phoeobe: “Stop being so testostoroni!”

Chandler: “The real San Francisco treat.” –Friends

Did I mention that on our baseball game adventure to the city we learned that Match is able to ride the Bart for free because he’s a deputy? That’s an $11 dollar savings! So we plan on making quite a few trips to the city of San Francisco in the near future. We never used to go because the traffic made us both miserable. I love that the Bart is so close now that we can just hop on and relax.

There are all kinds of cool places to check out in the city. We would both really love to visit the De Young Museum. I’ve only been there once. I would also like to walk across the Golden Gate bridge, something I have yet to do surprisingly. I was even close enough to take this picture but I never walked the bridge. Silly me!

I love that Tahoe Couple live there now and we always have a place to stay if we want to be out late. Hopefully we’ll meet up with them a lot this summer. Plus as soon as Monica gets back from Scotland we’ll definitely be spending some girls nights in SF. I have a feeling this summer is going to be epic!


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