Friday Confessional-Tent Sex

I don’t know what two guys do when they’re together. You know, I sat through the whole of Brokeback Mountain. From what I gather, something went down in that tent. -Burt, Glee

Wow, it’s Friday already? Time for another



I confess…

That as much fun as camping was earlier this week it would have been much more fun if Aunt Flow hadn’t been in town cramping my style. LITERALLY cramping people. And I forgot pain reliever. Waaahh.

I confess…

That I really wanted some tent nookie. Like really badly. The last time Match and I hooked up in a tent was our first time together. Overshare? I don’t give a hoot. This is my confession people!

I confess…

That I promised Match a camping redo where we could actually shake those tent walls. Hehehe.

I confess…

That while we were packing up stuff for the trip from Match’s folks’ house I had an awkward conversation with Match’s dad. He asked if we wanted to borrow a hanging lantern he had for the tent. He said it provides romantic lighting that is really great. He then went on to say to remember to turn the lantern off before getting too frisky or else the shadows put on a really good show. He said, “And I won’t tell you how I learned that lesson!” Thanks for the mental picture paternity Father in Law. EWWWWW. Needless to say I declined the lantern.




    Tent sex is the best! And, as gross as it sounds, but sex is a great pain reliever! Aunt flow came on our honeymoon. Not cool, but we still had fun. And who doesn’t like a good shower together???? lol!


    too funny, nobody wants to know about their inlaws!!

    like nobody wants to know about their own parents.

    Looks like you had a fun trip
    thanks for sharing


    Every couple of months or so I come back to this site from other sites and get caught up with what’s going on in your world. I really enjoy reading your blog and it always gives me ideas for my own. Anyway, just wanted to give you a shout out from Norfolk, Virginia.

    Meghan Furst

    Tent nookie sounds cool to me. And, you really can’t blame your father-in-law for the warning! I actually laughed out loud about that one. I give my kids all kinds of unsolicited advice. (At least they know that there’s nothing Mom won’t discuss.)


    LOL! Dad-in-law really learned his lesson he doesn’t want you to commit the same “mistake”. 🙂

    Impulsive Addict

    Girl, I’m loving your juicy confessions this week! M and I have never had tent nookie but we’ve had sleeping bad nookie at a lake and nookie on a mountain in Michigan. It.was.awesome!! The FIL convo was slightly awkward reading. I would have died!! Lol! Eww!!

    I hope you’re getting lucky this weekend! 😉


    This is reminding me NOT to go camping this summer! I definitely won’t take a lantern in the tent…

    Seriously Shawn

    Tent sex is the best! It’s been years since we camped, maybe we’re over due!

    I hate those awkward conversations with the FIL! YUCK! Mine once walked in right as my husband was pushing on the frame of our bed saying, yep, we can fu** our brains out on this bad boy, it ain’t goin’ no where! {we were moving} I about died right there, something are just better not over-heard!

    jen kucsak

    Unfortunately I’ve never went camping so I’ve never had tent sex. But I have to admit now I want to! Also loving the “from single-ish” to married-ish” lols


    I have to agree with everyone here. Text sex is awesome! That’s probably one of the only reasons I like to camp, other than drinking beer all day 🙂


    Tent sex can hurt like hell if you put your tent on tree roots. Just sayin’.

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