Mini Honeymoon Part 2: Camping With My Match

Meredith: Derek’s camping. Taking time. Getting space.

Cristina: Prestons do not go into the woods. A guy named Preston is gonna get his ass kicked by a squirrel.

Izzie: It’s basically a slumber party, they do it outside, we do it inside. It’s really the only difference. –Grey’s Anatomy

On Sunday we set out on the windy road to the Northern California coastline to camp.

This was our first camping trip together and we lucked out in so many ways. First off it was a Sunday so the campground was deserted. Secondly, the weather couldn’t have been better. The first day there was no wind and the sun was shining. Also the RV at the camp site across from us full of 6 crying, bratty kids left just a few hours after we arrived. Woohoo! There were only a few others campers in the whole park and it felt like we had the place all to ourselves.

We scoped out the best campsite.

We quickly set up camp so we could go exploring.

Of course even camping a Virgo has to clean. 😉

We came prepared: we had four flashlights, extra makita batteries, a trusty camping knife, all our cooking utensils, food, beer, wine (of course!) and all kinds of other supplies. I even brought a memory foam mattress pad so we could sleep in the ultimate comfort.

Unfortunately we forgot a few key things like dish rags and pot holders to lift the pan from the fire, but we made due.

After setting up camp we hiked to the beach.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

I attempted to strike a mermaid pose but I’m pretty sure it just looks like I’m getting frisky with the rock.

After our hike we earned our beers. We played some rounds of Gin Rummy and played in the trees.

Look at the love he has for that bottle. I’m a little jealous.

There is really nothing better than drinking wine from a flamingo cup.

Maybe wine flamingo and SMORES! 

We had an incredible time. The second day was more windy than the first, but then we just hid in the tent playing cards and laughing.

We saw seals, cute little birds, deer, and a raccoon that  tried to eat our food. I did get bit by a tick right on my booty. The nerve of that little guy! We ate great food, snuggled, and enjoyed some quality couple time.

I already wish we could go back. 



    Ya’ll are just so cute!! Looks like you had a fun time! And wine and smores?! What else could you possible need! lol

    Glad you two were able to have a fun getaway!


    This is the cutest. ever. You are so funny with your memory foam pad haha–no compromising between great outdoors and comfort, you had it all! I can’t believe you got bitten by a tick on your butt!! What were you doing that it was exposed, ed? 😉 Hehe. Those smores made my mouth start watering. Ughh I need some Mexican food fast!

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