We Want to Know Wednesday-I Got a Bad Habit

Barney: I am not a smoker. I only smoke in certain situations: post-coital, when I’m with Germans — sometimes those two overlap — coital, birthdays, to annoy my mom, pre-coital, on a sailboat, the day The Mets are mathematically eliminated every year, and, of course — wait for it, ’cause Lord knows I have — pregnancy scares.
Ted: Why are you smoking right now?
Barney: I’m always pre-coital, Ted. –How I Met Your Mother

Hosted by Impulsive Addict, Janette, Mamarazzi and Seriously Shawn

1. If money didn’t matter, where would your perfect vacation take place?  Briefly describe.
Man, this is a tough one. Match and I haven’t had a chance to take a honeymoon or any real vacations to speak of. I would love to go to Alaska and maybe take a cruise to see the glaciers. Or on the complete opposite of the weather spectrum, a trip to a tropical island would be pretty incredible too. If money is no object I think we’d go to both, and maybe make a brief stop in Ireland and Italy. Sigh, I wish!

2. What’s a bad habit that you have (or had) that is/was hard to break?
My sugar addiction is a pretty bad habit. I’ve gotten better about not eating dessert every single night, and I don’t put sugar in my coffee anymore. I still have to have something sweet every day, but it’s better than my days of eating rainbow chip frosting out of the jar. 😉 Oh and I used to smoke for about a year or so but it wasn’t hard to quit. I’m very sensitive to smoke and I wheeze from campfires, so I’m surprised I even started!

3. If you weren’t on a diet or counting calories, what would you like to have for dinner tonight?
Fried sushi rolls. Yu-hummmmmm. Followed of course by rainbow chip cupcakes. Preferably not smashed in my face like Match did on my birthday.

4. If you had the chance to interview anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and what’s one question that you would ask?
I’m so bad at these questions, same with what famous person would you like to meet. I don’t know, I’m so awkward I would probably just embarrass the hell out of myself. How about Reese Witherspoon because she’s seems so cool. I would ask her to be my friend because I’m a dork. Yeah, I went the shallow route and not the more serious. That’s just how I roll.

5. Describe yourself in 6 words.
Goofy, happy, bubbly, klutzy, talkative, hugable


    Girl, I was loving your answers till I got to the sushi rolls. ((ewww)) hee hee They look sooo DELISH but I just can’t eat them.

    Have a great day!!


    Haha..I love Reese too! But I’d look like a loser…
    I’m so goofy too!


    Mmmm sushi…


    I like Reese too! She seems like a very down to earth person. Though I can also imagine she can get pretty…(rhymes with witchy) on occasion.

    Impulsive Addict

    Alaska? Whaaat? It’s like way cold up there!! Surely you meant to say Hawaii, right?

    I used to be a social smoker. It was horrible. Especially the next morning. Gross! Yep, sugar is horrible. I need it gone from my life!

    I love sushi but minus the fried business. lol

    Love Reese. She’s so pretty and I love her accent.

    I hope to find out about the descriptors someday before I die but I bet they are all true!

    Thanks for linking up, Dollface. xoxox


    Can I just tell you how much I LOVE that you admitted to eating frosting directly from the canister??? I do that too….more often than I should!

    And I love fried sushi rolls too…yum!


    Reese would make a great friend

    My aunt went on an Alaskan Cruise, the Ice Bergs are an amazing color, really something to see


    mmmm sushi.

    i love that pic of you with the frosting.

    someday, when i am rich, i am going to book an entire cruise ship for me and all of my bloggy besties.


    Stopping by from WWTK. Alaska is a nice place to visit but I will never willingly live there again. 40 below is more than I can handle. And the dark- dreary neverending winter- ugly moose pressed up against your window. But if you you know you can leave, it is stunning. There is nothing else like it.

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