Friday Confessional-Camping

Jessica: I have bubbles in my tummy, I think. I need to stretch.
Lea: Oh, so you’re gonna go in the tent and fart, is that what you’re saying?
Jessica: No, it’s just air, it’s not stink. –Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica



Yay it’s finally Friday!

I confess…

That I am super excited that Match gets a whole week off starting today! Woohoooooo.

I confess…

That as a present to him, I am giving him some alone time by going to a matinée with Good Girl to see Water for Elephants.  He will most likely be sleeping off his graveyard shift (the last graveyard shift for the next two weeks, woohoo!) so he won’t even notice I’m gone. But it still counts!

I confess…

That next week starts part two of Operation Mini Honeymoon. We have a family gathering to go to for Match’s aunt’s birthday, and then after that we’re heading to the coast for a long overdue camping trip.

I confess…

That  Match and I have never been camping together. Yes this Oregon outdoorsy girl who spent her childhood has never been camping with her husband who also spent his childhood camping. What is wrong with us? We have slept in a tent once while staying with his hippy friends when we first started dating. But that didn’t count as camping as there was no fire and we weren’t in the woods. No fire= no smores= not really camping.

I confess…

That I’m already fantasizing about the smores. Is that bad?

I confess…

That after I eat all of those said smores, I may make air in the tent. But don’t worry Match, it’s just air, not stink! 😉

I confess…

That next week I will probably be pretty mia while I spend some quality time with my hubby. I’m going to schedule some posts but if I don’t reply to your comments that’s the reason. And I don’t feel one bit guilty. This is Mini Honeymoon part two bitches! I cannot  wait!!

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    Wahoo! You go girl! Have a great time and enjoy every minute!


    it’s been too long since I’ve had a smore! SOO Yummeye!


    Have fun–hubby and I have been camping many times, way more times than I did as a kid. And we have had our boys camping lots too. Camping is the bomb, but I don’t really care for smores, but love roasted marshmallows.


    I soooo want to go camping! My SIL is planning a camping sibling reunion in August and I can not wait! Even with a newborn, I’m excited to go! So you have fun camping! And there is nothing wrong about dreaming of smores! 😀

    Impulsive Addict

    I am dying about the “make air” comment!! You are hysterical! Well, I hope your mini honeymoon part 2 goes fabulously well. That s’mores pic has me drooling!!

    Did you like WFE?


    YES! It IS only camping if there are s’mores involved. It’s a Geneva Convention rule!(or something….)
    Have fun on your mini honeymoon 2!


    I will have to remember this… “making air.” hahaha. Have fun on your mini honeymoon. And nothing wrong with fantasizing about the chocolately gooeyness of a camp made smore! Yum.

    Brittany E.

    I saw that movie today! I read the book a while back, the book is better but the movie is great too 🙂 There are some hard scences to watch though, but less hard to watch if you know its coming! Have you read the book? Have fun camping! I havne’t been camping since I was a little kid, but I want too!

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