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Becky: What’s all this fuss about Mother’s Day? I don’t remember us getting like a Kids’ Day.
Dan: Someday, my precious angel, you too will be a parent and then you will realize that every day is Kids’ Day.
Darlene: God, don’t you just want to smack them when they say stuff like that!? –Roseanne

Holy cow where did April go? I thought my first month in “retirement” might go by slowly but it FLEW. I am already working on mother’s day gift ideas because it is right around the corner. I was researching gift ideas and I stumbled across Personal creations. They even have a section called Personal Creations gifts for retirement so you know, if you’re looking to buy me something you can. 😉 Heheh, I kid. But seriously I love giving gifts that are personal and mean something. I’m leaning towards getting my mom the personalized doormat. Isn’t it cute?

She of course says she doesn’t want anything but a card, so I may just hand paint her one. Still, I may keep this in mind for Christmas. What are you doing for Mother’s Day?

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    oh i’ve ordered from them–no complaints! and to make it even better…. you can go through ebates and get money back on your purchase! cha-ching!

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