Friday Confessional-Expensive Celebrations

Monica: I’m at work, ordinary day, you know, chop chop chop, sauté sauté sauté. All of a sudden, Leon, the manager, calls me into his office. It turns out they fired the head lunch chef, and guess who got the job.
Joey: If it’s not you, this is a horrible story.
Monica: Fortunately, it is me. And, they made me head of purchasing, thank you very much. Anyway, I just ran into Ross and Chandler downstairs, and they think we should go out and celebrate. You know, someplace nice.
Joey: Yeah, someplace nice. (To Phoebe and Rachel) How much do you think I can get for my kidney? –Friends


I confess…

That I’m sort of dreading the upcoming wedding season. I have two weddings back to back (May and June) to go to, and then another

one in September. I love weddings and it will be so fun to be a guest but it’s a LOT of money. You’ve got the wedding gift, the shower gift, and these couples are going crazy all out for the bachelor/bachelorette parties.

I confess…

That while I am so so so happy for my friends, I’m a little frustrated at how expensive their bachelor/bachelorette plans are. Token

Gay couple are doing a group weekend at a house rental on the river. $80 bucks for one night, not including food or drinks is STEEP. Then in August Geeky is doing a 3 day trip that includes a house rental, which puts me back at least another $150, again not including food or drinks. Monica and Chandler are doing a Giants game and then group outing in SF that will be a pretty penny but I can’t make it to that one.

I confess…

That when Match and I planned our parties, we tried to make it cost effective for everyone because we understood that these are tough times. I realize I don’t have to go to these parties but they came to mine and I want to be a part of the action. I just wish the action was a night out on the town instead of all of these crazy expensive house rentals. Sigh.

I confess…

That I may have to attend all of these events solo, because of Match’s work schedule, and I feel guilty spending the money when he can’t even join in on the fun. I’m especially going to miss him at the weddings. Weddings make you fall in love all over again with your spouse and I really wish he could be there for them.


I confess…

That even though I complain about the expenses I know they will be awesome events. I’m so happy for our three couple friends that are getting hitched, and I am very lucky to be included in all of these fun parties. Now I just have to figure out a way to make some extra cash to ease my guilt for going stag. Maybe working for ariens lawn mowers mowing people’s lawns or something. How much are kidneys going for these days? 😉






    Yikes, those are BIG events! What happened to either a jack and jill lunch or a girls’ night out? Haha. I’m sorry girl, it sucks that you and Match can’t spend that extra income on bills or enjoying nice dinners etc. with each other, but it is super nice that you’re going to be there for them anyway–it proves you’re a great friend–and after they’re married they’ll probably start to realize how much that all was to ask!


    Ugh!! I totally understand!!!

    I’m like you, I’ve tried to be thoughtful and cost friendly 🙂 All of them sound like they will be a blast but those are expensive events….. and hopefully Match’s schedule will work out so he can go with you! 🙂


    Oh man…and I thought just going to my own sister’s wedding in May was more than I could handle. you are BRAVE.


    Yeah good celebrations can really wreak havoc on a wallet! I’ll go on an all ramen noodle diet before I miss a good get together though.


    I completely understand! I have a friend who is getting married next month. She’s had two bridal showers and she’s having a “liquor or lace” bachelorette party where we have to either bring her a bottle of liquor or something lacy! I’m like “Really?” I got her a gift for the first shower and made a dish (for 200 people) for the second. I’m gonna go broke just on the one wedding lol!


    being at a wedding alone really sucks, like you said, you do fall in love again.

    Sorry that they are going to be hard on the pocket book


    I’m the maid of honour in a wedding and was considering backing out b/c of the financial side of things, but I just couldn’t do it. My friend has been so supportive and attended my wedding, and I want to be there for her too. I was incredibly relieved when she e-mailed today and said that she and her fiance are covering the cost of our bridesmaids outfits (they’re having two ceremonies – interfaith couple). I’m so relieved and glad I didn’t say anything to her. But man, it hurts the pocketbook!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂


    Thank you so much for stopping by! I am loving your blog an its content! so kind of thing, too :)Following for sure!
    The birthday scene with children here is busy busy..and the wedding…well it’s Utah..what do you think..I’m buying gifts all year long, even on the weekends I don’t have anything. I like to think I can get a better deal buying them when I’m not rushed to do so…totally feel you. Look the bright side: you get to PARTY!! 🙂


    we used our vacation money to go to my hubz cousin’s wedding last year. we had to travel for it and get a hotel. she had 3 showers and i was a guest at all of them 3 gifts. plus an engagement party gift and the wedding gift. i did the math, because i was pissed that they STILL haven’t sent thank you notes for any of it, one year later and we spent $980 on them. thats a lit of cheddar for a vacation that has ZERO down time and is full of obligatory visits with relatives you don’t even like.



    I TOTALLY understand what you mean. As excited as I am for all of my friends when they have engagements and bach parties and weddings and things, I can’t help but think of what this will mean to my wallet and what I can do to keep my own personal expenses down so I can contribute to all these things.

    I think it’s awesome that you and your hubs were aware of this and tried to keep everything reasonable when you got married.


    i totally know what you mean! perhaps i’m old fashioned, or just old… but whatever happened to just a fun night out on the town? why does everyone feel the need to have to go away for a weekend? the wedding that i’m in was originally supposed to be a weekend event, but then was changed to an overnight… thank god! life is so expensive as it is.


    Man that just sucks! I’ve been there done that way too many times too. I think for the most part all my friends are married now so I don’t have to worry about the whole wedding things as much. Now babies are a whole other story LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog last week… yeah, I am a loser & am just now getting back to my comments from Friday. Sorry.

    Brittany E.

    OMG that is some expensive wedding festivities. I hate hate asking people to spend money so I would be mortified. But all in all it sounds like fun and you know you will love it once you are there!

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