PINT: Mini Honeymoon Pt 1-Spa Day



    omg. sounds incredibly decadent!

    yeah. i’m jealous!


    Sounds wonderful!! Love the pictures 🙂


    what a wonderful time to share

    Impulsive Addict

    I hate your face right now.

    Were you nekkid in that cedar chip bath? I need to know these things.

    I have a facial appointment tomorrow. It was a gift from a friend. I would much rather have a 75 minute massage!


    So, I tried to add you to my blog side bar again and it keeps telling me the http address is incorrect. WTH?


    Oh that’s so relaxing! I’m with you with limo and sushi. 🙂


    sounds amazing!! i have a GC for a spa day from my hubz but he doesn’t want to go with me. spa days are less fun alone, but i need to just go and breathe and enjoy it!!


    Oh my gosh this looks heavenly! You are one lucky chica!


    I really want to be happy for you..but I’m jealous!! I totally need a getaway like this..and if my husband behaves, I might bring him too.

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