Designer Clothing for the Fashionably Challenged

Vern: I can’t believe one dress could cost so much.
Gabrielle: Well, I want to look fabulous tonight when Victor’s elected mayor.
Vern: Yeah, but isn’t it bad luck to buy a dress for a victory party before the election?
Gabrielle: Vern, focus. It’s never bad luck when I look fabulous. –Desperate Housewives

I am fashionably challenged. I am a tee shirt and jeans wearing kind of girl. I am slowly starting to get in touch with my feminine side and I have actually started wearing dresses.  I have never been into brand names or carried about designer anything but I will admit that some of the more expensive clothing does last longer. When I found my fabulous Calvin Klein dress that I wore to Match’s graduation party I was hooked.

Ever since then I have been looking for stores that carry discount designer clothing.  I stumbled across where they have all of the big designers from Prada including adorable prada shoes, as well as DKNY, Calvin Klein, and loads of designers that a fashion challenged girl like myself has no clue about. They have huge discounts too! I am the type of girl who wouldn’t dream of paying much for jeans, regardless of how fabulous they make my ass look, so this website is right up my alley.

Now I just need someone to help me figure out how to put together an outfit. That’s always been my weakness.

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    I’m the same way!! I’ll have to check this site out. Also try TJ Maxx. 🙂 And last week I got a Calvin Klein shirt at Ross for only $8.

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