Historical Home Tour

Fun fact. Each year my mom has Easter tea with her friend named Bunny. Okay not that fun. –How I Met Your Mother

On Saturday Match and I had one of those simple yet full of fun days that I love. There is a historical home in our town and we decided to tour it. Instead of driving the 1.3 miles from our house to the home, we decided to walk it. It saved money and we got a nice little workout. We stopped off at Safeway and grabbed a sandwich and we picnicked at the historical homes orchard.

This is the Adobe that is on the same property as the historical home.

Here is what the home looks like underneath the plaster. Pretty cool huh?

The adobe was full of all of these really cool historical facts about the original settlement in California. As you can see, I took it all very seriously.

Match was super serious as well.

Now I can’t tell you whose home it was that we toured because I don’t want to advertise where we live. I will say that it was an awesome old house, and here’s a fun fact: it only cost $20,000 after the “upgrade” to indoor plumbing. How nice would it be to buy a home for only 20 grand? I love that the dining room style is something people look for in today’s homes, like the chair railing and the hard wood floors.

It was such a beautiful day out and we had fun wandering around the old home. I didn’t snap a picture of it, but there were all of these old books set out in the dining room, including a Sears catalog from the early 1900s. There were all of these really funny ads, like “Pills for Weak Women”. That one cracked us up. “Damn, I wish they still sold those, ” Match joked. What a turd!

I want this kitchen. Not for the old appliances but because it’s so BIG. Wouldn’t that be so nice to have all that butt, I mean leg, room?

Upstairs they had all kinds of cool displays, from the bedrooms, to the study, to my personal favorite, the historical figure’s wife’s wedding dress:

Look how teeny the waist of that dress is! I know they wore corsets but still! I thought women were bigger back then but I guess not. I learned from a plaque on the wall a little historical fun fact about the color white and wedding dresses. Apparently women used to wear dresses in different colors, and wedding dresses were worn to church and other social events, even after the wedding. This was because the dress was so expensive that they wanted to get a lot of use out of it. White was impractical because it would get too dirty (Don’t I know it, my wedding gown is filthy!). The white dress became a status symbol, because the person wearing it had money and could afford to wear a dress for one day only. And here I thought it was because white symbolized virginity. Turns out it was the olden day version of bling.

The attic led to a bell tower, and the views were incredible. You may not know this about me but I am TERRIFIED of heights, so I was proud of myself for going up there. My palms got really sweaty though and I only stayed up long enough to snap these pictures.


We could have stayed in that house for hours, but true to its historical nature, there was no air conditioning and it got hot in a hurry, and we had a long walk back.  On our way out one of the other guests was kind enough to snap our picture.

After our trek home I decided that we’d earned another batch of my homemade frozen yogurt.

This time it was so much better than the first. The key is finding yogurt that tastes good (duh!). This time I didn’t use the fat free vanilla yogurt. I used the natural plain yogurt. I found a package of no pudge brownie mix at Trader Joe’s and we added that to the fro yo. It was still a decadent dessert, but slightly better for us than the full fat version.




    LOVE the pictures 🙂 Thank you for sharing! What a neat place and so close to where you live. Looks like you had a fun time.

    The house is beautiful. And that’s very interesting about the wedding dress!


    Great photo tour of the historical house.

    You make your own frozen yogurt! I’m intrigued.

    Impulsive Addict

    It’s midnight and I’m completely drooling at the mere mention of brownies…but not that healthy kind. The kind that’s in my pantry right now calling my name! I need to go to bed.

    That house was amazing! No AC is a bad deal though!

    Have a fabulous weekend my friend!


    Isn’t it funny how trends come and go? I love the look of chair rail and hardwood floors!

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