Cleaning Up a Storm

Well, if you can’t teach the dog new tricks how about the owner. Just think on the money we save on carpet cleaning alone. -Phoebe, Charmed

My mission since becoming a happy housewife is to make sure our home is spotless. This is a tall order for a neat freak like me. I feel like even though I clean constantly, there is always more that I could do. If anyone has ceramic tile cleaning tips I would really appreciate them. I just can’t seem to get the grout in our kitchen to look clean. Part of the trouble of being in a rental I suppose.

I’m just grateful that our rental has been so well cared for. There is only one room with carpet, and we didn’t have to worry about carpet pet odor removal austin because the previous tenant didn’t have pets. Have you ever moved into a place where there were cats before? I’ve looked at rentals that definitely didn’t use cat pee odor removal austin and there was just no way of getting the smell out. Bleck!

While I do love the look of the hardwood floors I can’t imagine having them with a baby. Working out can be tough with the hardwood too. If our next house has hardwood I will definitely have to invest in area rugs because it is just not comfy to sit on. Then again, spills from the baby would be easy to clean! Just thinking about messes that babies make is enough to give me a panic attack. I think we’ll enjoy having a clean house for just a little while longer. 😉


    Meghan Furst

    I’m a nut about pure white grout in my kitchen too. When mine gets a little dingy, I just grab a grout gun with silicone-based grout & re-grout the dang stuff.

    Also, about carpeting, if you have a boy baby – they like to have plenty of non-carpeted space to drive their cars on and build blocks on.

    I remember the years & years my boy spent driving & building on our linoleum & hardwood floors. It would deprived him to have had wall-to-wall carpet. Just a thought.


    You said the word baby and gave me a panic attack!!! lol

    Try distilled vinegar on the grout….. read the label first but I think that is one of the things it works well on! I didn’t know how many uses there were for vinegar till I had to use it this weekend when cleaning a bathtub 🙂

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