My Random Job History

Janitor: [eating soup with a fork] Fork! Me can’t eat soup! Rawrr!

J.D.: I don’t think you’re stupid; your job requires a lot of know-how. I mean, it’s not like you’re ladling out sloppy joes.

[notices the cafeteria worker in front of him holding a ladle of sloppy joe]

J.D. : You know, my-my uncle was a joer. –Scrubs


My unemployed status has had me thinking back on all of the jobs I used to have. I don’t know think I’ve ever mentioned them to you all before. Did you know I used to work at a Veterinary office? I was a level 1 vet tech. I got to hold animals while we gave them shots and prepped them for surgery or took their blood. I got to cuddle puppies after they got their puppy vaccines. I developed xrays, and cleaned cages. I also got to wear fun scrub sets.  I think besides the adorable animals, I miss that our animal hospit al uniforms were basically pajamas. They were so comfortable! I don’t think I could ever go back to working at a vet office, despite the comfy uniform. I would come home crying when we had to put down someone’s beloved pet and it would stay with me. I also worked with an entire office of women in high stress situations. Translation-bitchfest 24-7. Ugh.

Another interesting job I had was working at Marine World. Have you ever been there? It’s like a dinky version of Sea World. I stood in front of the walrus exhibit and gave speeches about them. I also had animal artifacts that kids could touch and feel and I would tell them fun facts about animals. If the job hadn’t just been a summer temp thing or the fact that it only paid minimum wage, I probably would have kept it for a long time. I love telling kids about animals. If I do decide to pursue a teaching career, I think it would be a lot of fun to teach kids about the life sciences.

I have also worked at a wine testing lab (not nearly as fun as it sounds, no I didn’t get to drink the wine), the computer help desk at my college, Bath and Body Works (where I always had a headache but I smelled AMAZING), a Kayak shop selling kayaks even though I’ve never been kayaking in my life, a waitress and dish washer, and a dog kennel where my job was to scoop poop and play with dogs all day. I think the dog kennel was my favorite. It was hard work at times, but then we’d get a puppy boarder and the day would get a whole lot better.

What are some random jobs you’ve had? Anything memorable?


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    I just finished my post for today then came over here and to laugh that we both wrote about jobs today! It’s like we sat down for breakfast and a convo about work lol 🙂

    You have had some random but neat jobs…. unfortunately none of mine have been that cool! Seriously I’m kinda of depressed now thinking back on all of them….. lol all of them have consisted of office work unless you count working for my parents when they ran a riding stables and I got to lead to trail rides….

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