Friday Confessional-3 Day Weekend



Is it Friday already? Time really flew by this week, my first week of “retirement”. I have a few confessions for you.

I confess…

That I love being a housewife and I don’t care how retro that makes me sound. I love that our house is clean, the bed is made and dinner is homemade each night.

I confess…

That I do feel a little weird not having my own income. I have a small one from blogging, but it’s nothing compared to what I used to bring in. It feels weird not being the “bread winner”. At least I’m not a shopaholic. It’s not like I go out and buy gold earrings and clothes all the time, but I do think I will miss my personal disposable income.

I confess…

That I am anxious for Match to get his assignment and figure out his schedule so I can figure out mine. I can’t wait to volunteer and take a couple of classes.

I confess…

That I do feel guilty if I don’t get a ton of stuff done every day while Match is working. If I sit down for a few minutes I start to feel bad. But then I remember that even people with day jobs take breaks, so I can too!

I confess…

That today is the first day of Match’s three day weekend so I will be playing hooky from the computer for the rest of the day. I can’t wait to go PLAY!



    Happy Friday! Hope the 2 of you have a wonderful 3 day weekend 🙂


    I’m glad that the transition has went well for you! I can see how it would seem a little weird–my poor SIL felt the same way when she and my brother got married and she didn’t have a job, but she was trying to find one so she just got really down on herself. I don’t think you sound retro at all–it’s sort of modern-day empowerment, being able to say I CHOOSE to be a housewife. Go girl!

    Impulsive Addict

    Girl….I’m soooo glad you’re enjoying retirement! You’re such an adorable house wife!!

    Ok…so I have to know. Did you get paid for slipping in the word buy gold? I need that in my life. I would LOVE to get paid for my addiction!!


    Happy Friday to you too! Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful three-day weekend. And I can’t think of anything better than playing hooky with the hubs–enjoy every minute!

    PS: Don’t ever feel bad for taking breaks throughout the day! 🙂


    I remember that everything is clean feeling, don’t worry it wont llast, lol

    I love being a stay at home wife, being able to cook or bake what I want when I want, or go help my hubby out in the yard if I want.

    Enjoy your 3 day weekend


    i’d say that not having my own income would be something i’d have to get used to as well. is match being nice about sharing? hahaha.

    like you, i totally think i’d enjoy being home to make sure the house is clean. the beds are made. and the food is on the table… then again, it would sure beat being here, haha.

    you sound so happy! enjoy 🙂

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