Match’s Graduation After Party

Ted: [seeing Robin in her dress] Still wow.
Robin Scherbatsky: Wow, yourself. Look who else brought it.
Ted: Oh, yeah. I thought about leaving it at home, but I figured, I don’t want to get there and realize I need it and have to go all the way back to get it, so yeah, I brought it. –How I Met Your Mother

The graduation after party was awesome, but Match and I definitely overindulged. Remember earlier in the day we’d had lunch and drank our weight in mojitos? Well just a few hours later we got all dressed up and ready for the party.

When we arrived, we immediately met one of Match’s RTOs. “Don’t call me sir!” he chided Match. It was funny because all night long the guys kept calling the RTOs sir. One even did it before they took shots, ha!

Here is the hotel courtyard where the party was held. I love the twinkle lights on the trees.

We headed up to Sassy Couple’s room where Sassy and I stood at the window and watched people arrive. We quickly realized we were the only ones that really dressed up. “Whatever,” I said as I high fived her. “We brought it!”

This became our catch phrase of the night. The more drunk we got the more we’d exclaim, “We’re the only ones who brought it!” It was pretty funny. The next day I was worried that I was obnoxious but Match assured me that we were adorable. He said we were strutting around like little peacocks all night. I’m glad Sassy and I are getting closer. She is a blast!

I don’t even know what is happening in this picture but it’s hilarious.

Meeting the RTOs and the rest of the recruits was a little bit intimidating, especially when I was feeling tipsy. I also realized a lot of them were very tall. I felt like I needed a step stool to talk to some of these guys. They were teasing me because even in heels I’m still a shorty.

At one point in the night a bunch of us took shots with one of Match’s RTOs.

I also bonded with another one of the wives. She and her husband went to Match’s Laser Tag birthday a few months back, but we hadn’t really visited before. We were cracking up together all night. I definitely hope we hang out again. I’ll have to give her a nickname when I get to know her better.

We had a great night, and it was so nice to see Match let loose. The next day he was a pretty big mess. Poor guy was praying to the porcelain gods late that night and all the next day. 🙁 He texted his buddy and asked how he was doing and he put it best. “I’m doing bad…college bad.” But I think the pain was worth it. It was such a fun night!



    “college bad” haha sounds like Match partied a little to hard! lol Glad you had fun and you look beautiful!!

    Brittany E.

    It sounds like you had a total awesome weekend full of celebrations! Congrats to you and Match. And how weird was it not going into work this week?

    Impulsive Addict

    LOVED LOVED LOVED the pictures!!!! It looked like so much fun!!


    Girl you absolutely brought it!!! ow ow! Poor Match haha but he totally deserved to have that much fun! Your dress was KILLER and I bet all the other (unmarried, haha) recruits were a little jealous of Match!


    WOW!!! You look BEAUTIFUL in these pics! And heck yes–you brought it 🙂 Awww, sorry to hear your hubs was suffering like a college student, but I’m sure it was worth it!


    yay match! from what i can tell, you both had a great time! and you looked hot to boot 🙂

    i cracked up at the ‘college bad’ reference… ohhhh the good ole days!

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