Friday Confessional-Playing Hooky

Haven’t you ever played hooky before, Lois? – Clark, Lois and Clark


It’s finally Friday and time for my weekly confessions.

I confess…

That I left work at 11:30am yesterday “sick” and took the rest of the day off. My receptionist was in on it and totally played up my sickness and loudly said I should “take my germs and go home so you won’t infect the rest of us.” Followed by a wink and a whispered, “have fun!” as I left.

I confess…

That I’m calling in sick again today. What are they going to do? FIRE ME?! In the 4 years that I was there, I rarely used my sick days. So I’m doing it.

I confess…

That while I have the day off I still can’t seem to just relax. I have a bunch of things to cross off the to-do list including: scrubbing the tub, walking Monkey, working out, getting the oil changed, tires rotated, sending a package at the post office, working on my Grandma’s 75th birthday slideshow, buying wedding gifts for Token Gay Couple and Geeky and her Fireman, buy Match some don tomas cigars online for graduation, and going dress shopping for graduation.

I confess…

That I find most of the things on my to do list fun. I’m such a weirdo.

I confess…

That I am over the moon excited about date night tonight. Match and I are finally going on that date in San Francisco. We’re taking the metro so we don’t have to drive at all and we can both drink and be CRAZY. We’re starting off with sushi and then we may bar hop or try to find a comedy club.

I confess…

That I also plan on being far too handsy in public with my hubby. I blame it on academy. Three words for you: Wash.Board.Abs. Mama like!

What do you have to confess this week?



    I confess that I took a sick day on Monday and while I was sick, I still did the dishes, vacuumed the floor and did a load of laundry. Then I collapsed on the couch for the rest of the day.


    hahahaha Sucker for those wash board abs! Match better watch out! After a few drinks you may be humping his leg in public lol

    Just kidding! Have fun tonight and proud of you for playing “sick” you deserve the days off!

    Enjoy the new stay at home status. I’m jealous already ;p


    What’s a date night? And we are totally about the PDA when we do get a date. Maybe that’s why we have 4.5 kids. LOL!

    Sick days. I miss those. Now when I’m sick, it means movies and pizza. LOL!

    Meghan Furst

    You are so BAD & we love it! I would confess something – but, I’m far too boring to have anything to confess. Luckily I get to live vicariously through you. Have fun on your date with your sexy hub.


    I’ve called in sick before to have a “mental health” day when I’ve just needed a break. I teach teenagers – sometimes I need some time away!


    Hehehe girllll this is amazing! I can’t wait to hear about your date night! L and I had one out in Santa Barbara last night and had the Hope you got a little silly and so glad you’re having some fun! xo

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