Geeky and the Evil Goose

[Alf is feeding the geese in a park]
Unlucky Alf: Not many pleasures remainin’ in life for an old gent, ‘part from poppin’ in t’ park for an hour or so to feed the geese. [to geese] Come on, come on me little friends, g-oooh!
[a goose appears and pecks at his crotch]
Unlucky Alf: Ooh, bugger! I didn’t realise that were goin’ t’ happen. Ooh! Not that I’ve got much use for it anymore, I suppose –The Fast Show

The silver lining on having to drive that awful commute all this week and next is that Geeky works in the same town as I do. We’ve been making it a point to get together for a lunchtime walk at least once a week until my last day. Yesterday we met up at a local park for our walk. We were having a lovely little chat, catching up on her wedding plans and fun girl gossip about everything from the best blackhead remover to how I should wear my hair for Match’s graduation when we came across a goose that looked a lot like THIS:

We tried to avoid the gaggle of geese because geese are always a little bit vicious. I guess this particular goose had it out for Monkey because before I knew what was happening he was CHASING US!! Geeky screamed and bolted into a dead sprint, dropping her keys in the process and hiding behind a nearby building. I ran the opposite way with Monkey, who didn’t seem to notice we were in grave danger. He just kept trying to pee on everything and wagging his tail like usual.

Once we got away from the goose we couldn’t stop laughing. “It was like every man for themselves!” Geeky said. We both had split off in opposite directions, not even looking to see if the other was ok. “What about Monkey?” I asked. “He didn’t even defend us! Some watch dog!”

We were laughing about it all the way back to our cars. I posted that picture I found of a goose on her facebook and I’m pretty sure we’ll be talking about that Evil Goose for years. Have you ever had a run in with an evil goose? Did you stand tall and brave or did you run away like a girly girl the way we did?


    Brittany E.

    Geese are evil and this is hilarious! I had a goose that used to occasionaly chase me when I passed by its pond which I was walking to middle school. It is terrifying isn’t it?


    Geese are SO MEAN! Do you bring Monkey to work?!


    i was once chased into traffic by a goose. now i have a slight phobia…true story.

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