Project 52-Week 12 Update

All my life I’ve had one dream: to achieve my many goals. -Homer, The Simpsons


Now that I’ve put in my notice, I should have a lot of time to cross goals off my list. Here’s where I’m at so far:

  1. Finish and order Mixbook scrapbook for 2010
  2. Finish wedding slideshow project
  3. Update scrapbook for 2011 every month so it’s ready by next January
  4. Workout at least 3 times a week
  5. Take a mini honeymoon w/Match, even if it’s somewhere close by
  6. Learn the 10 codes so I can understand Match and his Law Enforcement friends
  7. Go to the shooting range and shoot a handgun
  8. Write a quality guest post for someone’s blog
  9. Get at least 100 readers (86 as of today, come on guys!!)
  10. Organize our closet and add shelves
  11. Organize the garage
  12. Buy a new backup hard drive to back up all our pictures
  13. Explore our new town and county
  14. Take a CPR class
  15. Take a cooking class
  16. Take a martial arts class
  17. Find new ways to make money online
  18. Work towards freelance writing career
  19. Try 1 new recipe a month
  20. Have dinner in the city with Match
  21. Go to the drive-in movie theater
  22. Learn to sew a button onto my pea coat
  23. Stain dog toy basket a darker color
  24. Repair broken desk drawers
  25. Take wedding ring to be redipped.
  26. Make my favorite Vietnamese dishes (this could save us $ if it’s good!)
  27. Only go to sushi once per month or less
  28. Learn how to iron Match’s work shirts for him
  29. Pay down our debt (pay off credit cards, pay down car payment)
  30. Set aside an emergency fund (at least $1000)
  31. Go camping with Match
  32. Go to a San Jose Sharks game
  33. Read I Love a Cop
  34. Replace old pictures in photo frames with new ones
  35. Brush the dog’s teeth at least once a week
  36. Trim the dog’s nails once a week
  37. Walk the dog more
  38. Comment on at least one new blog per month
  39. Comment on all of my favorite blogs at least once a week
  40. Paint a picture
  41. Go ice skating
  42. Visit the Zoo
  43. Don’t buy things unless I really need them
  44. When I have to buy something shop around so I can get the Best BuyI possibly can.
  45. Make homemade ice cream
  46. Take a Gondola ride on Lake Merritt
  47. Swap our bedroom and the office
  48. Donate blood
  49. Read 12 new books (6 read so far)
  50. Use our complimentary golf gift certificates before it expires in September
  51. Sing a song I’ve never sung before at a new karaoke bar
  52. Host a cocktail party


How are your goals coming?


    kim sisto robinson

    22. “Learn to sew a button onto my pea coat.” Can’t believe you said that…This is what I need to do, TOO!!


    I so need to do this!! Look at how much you’ve crossed off already — wow! I’ve been meaning to make a scrapbook of 2011 (one of the best years of my life) and I need to just do it already. You’ve inspired me! Thank you!


    We have some common goals. I would also learn how to cook, have a free lance writing career, donate blood and to workout. I have planned to to such list too but my list keeps getting longer ever year. Hahaha! Thank you for following my blog too. I really appreciate it. Wishing you more happiness!

    Karen Peterson

    Wow! You are doing so great! Keep up the good work. And congrats on paying off the credit card!


    WOw! You go girl! My goals…hmmm….I need to write them down first. 😛


    You found new ways to make money online and have an emergency fund…something must be working out! You’re doing great…keep it up!


    look at you crossing off all of those items on your list!

    rock on!!

    how are you making mulabula online? share with your friends, haha.


    You’re making some progress!


    I love this idea! But come on, you haven’t had dinner in the city with Match yet? That’s an easy one, girl! Have a hot date with your hot man! 😉

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