Friday Confessional-I Need to Get Over Myself

George: I need you to get over yourself. I need you to start liking my wife. I need you to like her because sometimes I don’t and I need you to talk me back into it. You say you’re my friend and that’s the job.
Izzie: Okay.
George: I need to vent, and I need it to be okay.
Izzie: Okay.
George: And I need to vent with alcohol. –Grey’s Anatomy


I confess:

That I was way too selfish last night when Match told me he failed a scenario. I cried for me because I was afraid I’d have to stay at this god awful job.

I confess:

That I did get over myself and comforted Match. I told him I love him no matter what and I’m so proud of him. He gets a chance to retake the test and he WILL pass. We studied his scenarios until we fell asleep.

I confess:

That as much as I talk about the power of positive thinking, I can’t help but have sweaty palms and a fluttery heart today at work. Match is going to call when he’s done and if he passed (he WILL!) I get to turn in my notice. I want to so so badly, as they’ve started making me come into work every day, starting today. They didn’t even give me Friday at home to finish out the week.

I confess:

That no matter what happens I plan on drinking HEAVILY tonight. Chandler and Token Gay Couple are coming to visit. I am so excited to see them!

I confess:

That I am scared. I try to stay positive and upbeat but this is my diary and I have to stay truthful. I’m scared that I won’t be able to quit. I’m nervous about quitting if I can. I’m scared that Match will pass and it will forever change our lives. I’m scared that he won’t. I’m scared of so many things right now that I can barely focus on anything, much less getting through this work day.

I confess:

That in the grand scheme of things, these problems are all small potatoes. They are nothing compared with what most people deal with in the world, especially in Japan right now. So I will put on my big girl shoes and suck it up. But I just needed that minute to be selfish. Thanks for listening.



    OMG! What a time of heightened emotions! I don’t blame you for wanting to get your drink on tonight. Thinking of you and wishing Match good luck!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    I hope Match passes! Have a great Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

    Emmy Mom

    Good luck to Match! I so hope it works out. And yes in the moment things can seem awful and crazy but it usually all works out.

    I had a hard time quitting my job (though I was so done with it)and I had to as I was moving to a different state, so good luck!!


    I’m sure everything will be ok. I wish him lots of luck!


    Oh sweetie it’s ok to be selfish!! My fingers are crossed for Match I’m sure he will do great!! And I would love to see their faces when you turn in that letter ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy Friday and try not to stress to much! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Oh I so hope it all goes well for you!! When it does, you can enjoy some more marjaritas like last week!!

    Thanks for sharing


    Don’t worry, I totally understand how you feel. I have one more year until I can quit and I am sooo counting down…


    Quitting work isn’t an option for me, tho I wish it was. However, due to state budget shortfalls, I could lose my job anyway. Maybe it’d be a blessing in disguise? Congrats to Match! (I saw your other post)


    i think there will always be people who are worse off than we are….that doesn’t make our own problems so small that they are no longer problems…so don’t feel like you are being selfish.


    I love your Grey’s Anatomy quote! Oh how could they do that to George??? *Ahem*

    It’s def a stressful time. But I think all tings will work out as they should.

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