My First Friday Confessional

Logan: Hey, I have to tell you something.

Veronica: I’m sorry, we’re past the confessional portion of this program. We’re on to the make out. –Veronica Mars

So one of my new bloggy BFFs, Impulsive Addict, introduced me to this amazing blog prompt called

Friday Confessional


Everyone links up and shares their confessions for the week. I LOVE it! Who among us doesn’t love a bit of juiciness to read, especially on a humdrum Friday? So I am going to play along, and I suggest you do the same. Click on the above picture to link up.

I confess:

That I cried in my car after a horrible sit down meeting with my manager where she told me I have to start coming back into the office full time. That’s a 2 hour commute, plus $5 bridge toll PER DAY. I never cry but I was just so frustrated. I feel so beat down by this job and I just can’t take it anymore.

I confess:

That I wrote my letter of resignation for work today. I’m not ready to hand it in but I cannot wait until I’m able to (hopefully the Monday after Match graduates). Just writing it out gave me a sense of relief.

I confess:

That I don’t want to work at all. I have researched countless jobs. I don’t want to be a merchandiser, I don’t want to have ANYTHING to do with Information Technology again, and I am way too klutzy to be a waitress/bartender or anything in the food service. I would much rather be a stay at home wife, and hopefully one day stay at home mom who gets paid millions to blog. It could happen. Don’t burst my bubble k? 😉

I confess:

That even though I have 30 minutes left of work at home today, I’m already enjoying homemade margaritas that Match made.

He is celebrating passing 3 of his scenarios. Only one more week left and he’s in the clear people. This calls for tequila!

I confess:

That I look like a hot mess when I work from home. At least I had my pinky out, all dainty like.

What are your confessions this week? Come on, spill it!



    I wanna know who gets millions to blog…that’s amazing!

    Amy Blackham

    Your situation is heartbreaking!! I can’t imagine being stuck in that scenario. I will send good vibes your way 🙂

    Love the ‘rita’s, you earned em today!


    so glad you linked up…welcome to the party!!

    i think writing letters of resignation is REALLY healthy even if they never get turned in, they can be truly liberating!


    Thanks so much for coming by & leaving me some comment love.

    Bummer about your job. That commute would drive me nuts. When you find out that making millions thing just by staying home, pretty please let me know k. I worked in insurance for years & years & decided to stay home after our first. Life was perfect till about 2 years ago when the economy went poop. Totally sucky now, I could use those millions LOL. Oh &
    I’m up for margaritas… can I come over??? 🙂

    Meghan Furst

    I sorta cried for you when I read that you have to go in to work full-time too. I hope you find out how to make millions on the ‘net. I’m trying to do that as well, since I was just laid off from my real job.

    I recently signed up to become an MLM for Ampegy (they’re an affiliate of Spark Energy). Don’t know if I can make millions — but, we’ll see. Not tryen to sell anyone here – Truly!! But, info at my blog or at And, if me mentioning this has offended anyone — please, just delete the comment.

    I’ll keep you posted about the millions part.


    I totally understand how you feel about your job. My thing is that I have a little one that I wish I could be home with, but instead I get to spend my days with a boss who thinks being positive means ignoring you… LOVELY 😉 Thanks for the comment on my confessions!

    Impulsive Addict

    Was that a PATRON margarita?? Mmmmm….I haven’t had a marg in way too long. My new love, THE CAPTAIN, has been taking up all my time. I may squeeze some Patron into my diet this week though.

    Love the glasses!


    I get not being happy with your job! I left mine last June and it felt so good. But now I’m feeling guilty not working. ugh!


    rock on you! enjoy that margarita–every last sip of it!


    I just connected to you via SITS. *sigh* Loved this post from the first sentence, and you locked me in with your hot mess photo. Apparently you and I have the same stylist for our telecommute fashion. 😉 The other day someone asked me how long my hair was, and OMG…it’s been in a ponytail for 3 months, how should I know?!!! Enjoy those margaritas, and chin up. Good things are around the corner!


    Oh no, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all that work mess! YUCK! I wish you the best of luck finding something better.

    Caren with a "C"

    I telecommuted until my second child was 9 months old. I understand your desire to be a SAHM without having to work. I cried many times. I put my husband through school and finally quit. It was worth it in the end though to not have him have to work and go to school as that would have added many more years of schooling for him. It was a well worth sacrifice. Now I have 4 children, oldest is 12. I homeschool the oldest 2. Blogging is a good way to still have adult “friends” and communication while being a SAHM and trying to keep sanity.


    Is that you looking like a hot mess? I should be so lucky.

    I want that job too. I’m extending my unemployment because I really can’t figure out what the heck to do with my life.


    I won’t be bursting your bubble because someone will have to burst mine first! I TOTALLY believe it’s possible! I know how horrible it is to show up to a job you hate, I’ve been there before. I hope you can escape soon!


    haha love it! Congrats to Match! So sorry about your job though
    🙁 Hopefully you can hand that letter in soon!

    One of The Guys

    Hmm…confessions. Where do I start.

    Okay, I’ll confess that I’m a bit tired of being home all of the time. I love my kids, but I want to get out in the world again a bit more.

    Soccer sidelines don’t count!


    I hope that you find all that you are looking for. It sounds as though you aren’t entirely happy so maybe a change would be good?

    In any event, your margaritas look yummy and I loved that you were sipping all lady-like and whatnot 🙂

    Brittany E.

    Pfft I have to admit I cry more than a 24 year old woman should probably cry, but I always feel so much better afterwards Right? And a margarita at work? The best idea ever!

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