What to Wear for Match’s Graduation

Parker Scavo: What’cha doin’?
Lynette Scavo: Oh, deciding what to wear my first day back to work. Do I look fat in this?
Parker Scavo: I think you look good in everything!
Lynette Scavo: Wow, you father’s taught you well. –Desperate Housewives

Alright guys, I need your help. With Match’s graduation just under 6 weeks away, I have of course become obsessed with what to wear. I know these are going to be pictures we look back on for decades, so I want to wear something that’s flattering and timeless. I’m also trying to make sure it doesn’t clash with Match’s dress uniform. This is not an easy task, because Match’s uniform is green and grey. What the heck matches that?

Here’s Match trying on his dress uniform before it was fitted.

Here is a dress I was thinking about wearing.

I’ve only worn it one time. I tried the dress on yesterday and it still fits, but it’s a little snug. But rather than resort to oxyelite or some other diet pill, I’ve been kicking up my workouts. I figure in 6 weeks I can drop at least a couple of pounds.

I could always go with something new since it is a pretty special occasion. I would love some suggestions of where to look, what color of dress, etc.


    Meghan Furst

    I love you Date Girl, but I think that outfit is too sexy to wear to Match’s graduation. I realize that I’m old-fashioned. But, I think that you might raise some eyebrows by not having your shoulders covered. That’s just my opinion.


    You know, I was going to comment saying I love it! (and, I love it!) but I’m thinking about what Meghan said, above me. Is the ceremony inside or outside? Daytime or nighttime? I think if it’s a nighttime, inside affair, the dress is perfect.


    Too sexy? What’s that? LoL

    Hunnie if I had your arms, shoulders, and a tan I would totally rock the strapless.


    That dress is super cute! I think a solid black dress may look better for pictures though. Just a thought 🙂

    Impulsive Addict

    Ummm…sweet friend…that dress is lovely and I think it will be PERFECT for his graduation. You make it look beautiful!

    Too sexy? Was she serious?

    Meghan Furst

    @Impulsive Addict: Yes, I am serious. This is a graduation for “Law Enforcement Officers” that Match has been training for since September. Although Date Girl is truly sexy, she cannot go to this graduation with her shoulders uncovered. It’s too sexy.

    (This is from someone that owns a successful “Adult Blog”.) So, although I AM old, I am certainly not a prude.

    Kisses — Megsie

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