Making Peace With Flying Solo

No joke, I’ve got no plans. And believe it or not, but I’d rather spend my time with you, than than flying solo. So pinch yourself, its your lucky day. You in? –Pacey

Match’s graduation is looming ahead. Just 6 more weeks left and he will be DONE with police academy and our world as we know it will be forever changed. Not to sound dramatic but it is true. I’m trying so hard not to obsess about what will happen, and how his schedule will be so chaotic. The Virgo side of me refuses to admit that we will not be able to make future plans. I am not a fly by the seat of my pants girl. I’m a planner. I’m a list maker. But I can do this.

If I were able to make plans with him, I would be checking for the best Caribbean cruise deals I could find and we would be going on our long overdue honeymoon. Ok maybe not a Caribbean cruise, but something. I have heard talk that even though his schedule may be wacky, he should still get 3 or 4 days off in a row at times. I hope that is true and we can take a mini vacation at the very least. I have already resigned myself to that fact that I will be going stag to the three weddings we have this year.

Going to weddings solo I can handle. I will dance with my friends and we’ll have a great time. This is a lot less stressful than going to a wedding as a single woman. What I’m most sad about is having to go to my 10 year high school reunion this summer solo. I could really use his company at the reunion, and for the 8 hour long drive home. I am excited to go home, but visiting home is so much better with Match there. But who knows? The reunion is in June and his schedule may allow him to come with me. But even if it doesn’t, I know I need to make peace with flying solo. I am an independent girl, I can handle it.

When I was single, I didn’t mind flying solo. I liked doing my own thing, on my own schedule. But now I’ve found Match, and I’ve discovered just how much fun life is with him in it. I love that he is my best friend and I don’t get tired of his company. I know I can fly solo, but I would much rather have my plus one with me.

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    hopefully match’s schedule will permit him to attend some of the functions with you… i’m a planner and a list maker too. the ‘unknown’ is not something i like, hahaha.

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