The Magic Winner

I’m a winner! Eva at Wrestling With Retirement held a contest to win a book called The Magic Warble by Victoria Simcox. I’m a big ol’ bookworm so I was super excited to win. I’m a total sucker for young adult fiction and all things fantasy and I have a feeling this book is going to be right up my alley.

Now don’t let Eva’s blog name fool you. She’s not your average rv towing Grandma. She’s got a great sense of humor and her blog is choke full of funny. There are funny words she’s made up, there are the people of Walmart, and more! Eva’s got a great sense of humor so go visit her and have a laugh. Show her some comment love for being such a sweetie and giving me a new book to read.


    One of The Guys

    Jeez, I don’t know the last time I won something. Maybe pulling a prize out of a cereal box!



    Love a new book 🙂 Let us know if its good!


    Congratulations!! Winning bloggy giveaways is the best. You should write a review when you’re done reading it!


    yay for a new book! congrats on being the big winner 🙂

    i’m such a book whore. who doesn’t love a new book for their collection. let us know how it is!

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