Post it Note Tuesday-Cavities and Dog Farts

Charlie: So, how many?
Claudia: A couple….a few….some….six.
Charlie: Six? Six cavities? That’s, like, 20% of your teeth, Claud! –Party of Five

Only Parent Chronicles



    you’re so lucky you can bring monkey into the office. i would love to bring my pup but then again all she would want to do is sleep on my lap, haha.

    sorry about your cavities… i hate going to the dentist… it’s right up there with the girly doctor, which believe it or not, i prefer going to over the dentist, haha.


    too funny…poor teeth and nose! hahahaha


    lol cute post 🙂 I agree the last time I went to the dentist I was reminded that my sweet is the enemy and not the friend! lol

    Glad you and Match had a good vday! And oh Monkey…… lol there are no words 🙂

    Impulsive Addict

    Dude….4 cavities?? HOLY SWEET TOOTH is right!

    Love to have pillow talk and giggles before bed. So sweet!

    Make him take you to an EXPENSIVE restaurant. It’s ok to do this once a year. 😉

    Dog farts are awesome!

    Brittany E.

    I love that you get to bring Monkey to work, that must be so fun. Aren’t dog farts the worse? And they have no shame about it, don’t even bother to apolgize or look shamed…


    I have a gassy pug. I feel your pain!

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