My Husband’s Bedroom Antics

Me, watching Match get undressed for bed: “Wow babe, you’re looking sexy. Will you strut for me?”

And then Match proceeded to strut around the room like a chicken.

Match: “This isn’t what you meant?”

Ahh, marriage. 🙂


    One of The Guys


    Now that sounds sweet to me, but maybe not that sexy.

    Good to back. We’re blogging on The Guys’ Network dot com now.

    Take care!


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA gotta love it 🙂


    Hahaha this is amazing, but hey- physical attraction goes out the window after awhile, but being with someone who makes you laugh will get you through the rest of your life! Haha!

    Melissa R

    That is too Funny!! In regards to brisket it is kind of like Tri Tip but about 4 times as big!

    Eva Gallant

    Sounds like he has a sense of essential in marriage, I think!

    I just stopped by from SITS to say hello…hope you will do the same.

    Ed Adams

    Nothing says “I love you” like the naked chicken dance.


    That is awesome – sounds exactly like something Wilzie would do.
    The only time its OK to laugh at him in the bedroom 😉

    kim sisto robinson

    Love it!!!! Very sexy.

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