Post It Note Tuesday-Letters to My People


    kt moxie

    Mmmm…. cheesecake…


    haha great PINT 🙂 Sorry your manager is being a douche. Try not to let it get to you! And good luck on the job! How great would it be to actually get paid to write?! Fingers are crossed for you!

    And oh sweet tooth…. it may be the death of both of us! lol


    Why do managers all suck so bad? If only blogging paid more. Then we could all quit.


    Haha I think this is my favorite one! My thighs are never ready for shorts, ugh! I didn’t even start wearing them until two years ago when I lost about 20 pounds. I hope they accept your application, too! Fingers crossed! xo

    Impulsive Addict

    FYI: The cheesecake is NOT your friend and will not decrease the inches in your thigh area. Just sayin. I know this to be true. From experience.

    I hate you and your heat wave right now. I have snow on the ground and spring will be here in 3 weeks. Oklahoma isn’t supposed to have blizzards!

    I hope you get a nice romantic night out! *fingers crossed*

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