Match’s Birthday is Thursday

How’s not playing laser tag? Because playing laser tag is awesome! -Barney, How I Met Your Mother

Match’s birthday is this Thursday and I still have no idea what to get him. Yes, I bought him the new Playstation3 but only because ours died. I still would like to get him something he can open on his birthday. Nothing too expensive, since we’re trying to save and since the PS3 was spendy, but just a little token of appreciation for all he’s done and been through this year. I am so proud of him for how well he has been handling the stress of academy.

I could get him something random, like a silver eagle coin that will eventually be worth a lot of money, but he’s not much of a collector. He’s mentioned wanting a punching bag, but that’s a little too expensive right now. Maybe I will just get him a couple of scratchers and a 6 pack of his favorite beer. He’s really tough to buy for because he’s a bit of a minimalist.

This Saturday we’re getting together with a bunch of the recruits for laser tag and drinks. It’s going to be legendary! 🙂 I’m also planning on making him his favorite meal, Green Chili, from scratch and following his father’s recipe. Eek! I am also going to attempt to bake my first cheesecake from scratch. These will both be a labor of love and we will see how they turn out. Wish me luck! And if you have any suggestions for a small gift that I could get Match, I’d love to hear it!



    Love the quote!! Oh you will have so much fun playing laser tag it will definitely be LEGENDARY! haha

    Good luck with the chili and cheesecake! I’m sure they will turn out great and Match will love them.

    Ok gift wise….. hhhmmm… I like the beer and lottery tickets idea…. Since you have the PS3 do you have a netflix subscription? If not that may be an idea depending on how much you watch movies.

    Or very random but since he’s a minimalist… is there any kind of animal thats his favorite? For example Marine loves Sharkwater so I’ve thought about doing something like this for him. @ you can adopt an animal in his name for as low as $25.

    Or beer of the month club….when searching though cheapest is $30 x 3 months.

    What about a season pass to one of the state parks you like to go to?

    Ok there are a few ideas 🙂 Sorry for the long comment!


    Sounds like you guys will have a great birthday celebration!

    I definitely recommend “experience” gifts for minimalists, such as Match. Even if it’s a gift card for movie tickets, or concert tickets, or the promise to visit a zoo or aquarium soon. Good luck!


    Laser tag? I’m so jealous!

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