Post It Note Tuesday-Is it Friday Yet?



    oooh what’s wrong with your ring? do you have another ring that you can put on it its place temporarily? that’s what my friend does for work (she is a nurse).

    totally jealous you get to work from home. enjoy it!

    Shop Girl*

    I love your post its! And I know exactly what you mean–I hate being out without my wedding rings!!

    That One Mom

    Even though I am home all day , I seem to accomplish nothing. Maybe you should give me tips.

    Brittany E.

    I always feel weird when I’m sans wedding ring. I actually forgot to wear it when I went to that wedding in September. And I saw a whole bunch of acquaintances from college I thought they might think we were divorcing!

    Holly @ Diamond Potential

    Love your post its… LOL!!
    I can relate with the ring… I PUT mine in a “good” place a few months ago when my finger was so swollen it hurt… Yeah… so good a place i CAN’T REMEMBER WHERE… i’VE BEEN LOOKING everywhere AND HUBBY LOVES TO REMIND ME OF IT. *SIGH* i’M SUCH A ditz!!
    OOPS! Sorry, I had my caps on…


    OMG! If only it were Friday…


    Wow only 10 weeks? Yay for Match! And yes they should have a classes for spouses. To prepare you for what is to come but to also calm your fears…. hmmm you may have just found your calling?

    Match is smart and will stay safe. And I know you will worry, that’s just part of it. But your strong and you both will be fine! If you ever need anything I’m here for you.

    And sorry the the other woman comment totally made me laugh out loud! lol

    Glad the rash is gone!!!

    Impulsive Addict

    If you’re making smores, I’ll take one. Kthanks.

    You know people are calling you a skank behind your back when you’re out with Match. I hope you get your ring back soon.

    DON’T WATCH THE NEWS! It’s all negative! It wears me smooth out.

    It’s ALMOST Friday! Hang in there~

    One of The Guys

    Hey! Sorry I’ve been out of touch big time.

    I’ll have to get caught up.

    Happy belated New Year!


    Yes it IS Friday! And there’s a 2 hour delay for school staff today so I am catching up on blogs. I’m SOOO glad the rash is gone!


    I should probably feel bad that I haven’t shaved my legs since August, and I don’t even have a rash for an excuse…but I don’t.

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