Post It Not Tuesday-Jerkfaces and Motivators

Penny: I need to use your window.
Leonard: Oh yeah, sure. Go ahead.
Penny[opening the window and throwing the iPod out of it] Hey, jerkface! You forgot your iPod!
Leonard[as Penny closes the window and starts to leave] What’s going on?
Penny: Oh, I’ll tell you what’s going on: that stupid, self-centered bastard [her ex-boyfriend] wrote about our sex life in his blog! [going back to the window and reopening it] Drop dead, you stupid, self-centered bastard! [closing the window] Thank you. [leaves]
Sheldon[after a short pause, wanting to go back to the Mandarin lessons] Okay, where were we?
Howard[going to the computer] Not now. I have a blog to find. –The Big Bang Theory

Only Parent Chronicles


    Julia @ Hooked on Houses

    Ha! Too funny. And I loved that scene from “Big Bang Theory,” too!


    Oh how I have missed you!!! 🙂
    It sounds like you and Match are doing fabulously and that makes me so happy. <3


    The rash is still there? how can the doctor not know. i mean that is the whole point of the doctor right? to like, know stuff, about like, our bodies! LOL

    Impulsive Addict

    A rash? Hmm…rashes are NEVER good. Hope you’re not talking about an STD. That would suck.


    I could totally make the first post it note my own! Like you said it’s amazing being able to check stuff off or at least add numbers showing that stuff is getting done!


    eek…. i hope you feel better soon!!

    so envious you get work from home. enjoy it (even though you have that gosh darn rash).

    yay for crossing stuff off of the list! i wish i could say the same, haha


    Yay for crossing stuff off!!

    And just saying “Jerkface” makes you feel better doesn’t it? lol

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