Mellow Parties vs Lots of Drinking

Logan: I don’t understand why you won’t just believe me. I’m tired, I just want a mellow evening with my girlfriend.
Rory: Last time you were mellow you had a hundred and four temperature and even then, we were bar-hopping for an hour before you fainted. –Gilmore Girls

New Year’s day Match and I went to Sassy Couple’s house for a bbq and to watch the UFC fight. It was a really mellow evening and we had a great time. I feel like Match is just so much more comfortable around this new group of friends. Maybe it is because his co-recruits know what he’s going through in academy, or maybe it is because most of the couples are in the same place in life that we are. Married or engaged, kids or kids on the way, careers, or working towards them, and just past that college party phase.

I met one woman who was thinking of going to bsn online for her nursing degree, and another who runs a fitness business with her husband. Everyone there was just relaxed and mellow, sipping on beers and wine and just chatting. No one was there to get drunk or trashed. It felt nice to have an evening with grown ups. As much as I love our group of friends, there are times when we hang out that I feel there is a huge gap between us in terms of where we are in life. Sometimes I love partying and acting like I’m still 23, but most of the time I prefer the smaller, mellow parties. Plus my waistline likes not having a beer gut!!

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    Yeah its kinda weird being between those 2 points. I understand! Match and Marine go thru a different thing and not everybody can relate. It’s basically a reality check that makes them grow up, I think anyway.

    I kinda like the old marry couple scene! lol but it’s nice to have the fun college nights to 😉

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