Post It Note Tuesday-First PINT of the New Year

Sally: Look, when I said have a baby… I didn’t mean, I just meant… socially!
Patrick: Socially?
Sally: To tea.
Patrick: Babies can’t come round to tea, Sally. They’re rubbish.
Susan: Don’t say that!
Steve: Hormones!
Susan: Bollocks!
Patrick: Doesn’t this all seem a little early?
Sally: Of course it’s early, it’s far too early! I don’t want a baby yet! You gotta get a cat first, see if you’re maternal.
Steve: You’ve already got a cat.
Sally: Well, I’ll shave it! See if I still like it! –Coupling

Only Parent Chronicles



    I love HGTV!

    Meri @ Playing Along/Meri's Musings

    Dear (former)Date Girl:
    Watch out — HGTV is addictive (I should know, since I’ve spend many a binge weekend watching from sun up to sun down).

    And I do know of a writing gig, but alas. . . it can’t pay anything yet because it’s a start up relationship website. But someday!

    Thanks for visiting.


    I’m feeling a little blah too. I want to leave work early. I want to leave right now! 🙂


    Haha not yet! I’m not ready for Date Girl Diaries: Mom Edition! But when you are ready, I’m sure it will be great…I just know you two have a lot more fun to have first ;). I am so addicted to HGTV…it’s a serious problem.


    I too am addicted to HGTV and the DIY network…your not alone!


    Very cute!! HGTV when dreaming of a house is dangerous! And I have 3 kids…and we’re totally done…but I was around 3 babies this weekend and now my uterus hurts!


    Girl, you enjoy every single minute without kids! Every minute! That way when you have one it will be all the sweeter 🙂


    I know what you mean about tearing up when a kid does something sweet! Of course I’m trying for one now so I think I’m like super sensitive!

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