New Year’s Resolutions: 2011 Edition

Father Larry: Now Paul, your vows are to ‘love Claudia, and to lose five pounds’?
Paul: Well, I wanted to combine my vows and New Year’s resolutions. –Spin City

Gina’s post over at Hiya Luv reminded me that it’s New Year’s Resolution time again! I looked back at last year’s resolutions and I’m so proud to say that I did every single one. I did complete that final handmade scrapbook, I was slightly less critical of others (I could still work on this) and I managed to cut back my portions. I still need to work out, and I could cut out sweets, but I’m happy to report I no longer eat giant meals.

Here are my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Pay down our debt: Now that we’re married, I’ve acquired Match’s debts in addition to my own. We’re far better off than most, but we still owe a bit. Two student loans, a small balance on two credit cards (0% luckily), a small personal loan from MIL to Match when he was out of work (this is the first to pay off for my peace of mind) and Match’s car loan (highest interest rate). I’ve got us on a budget and I think we can get most of it paid off this year. The student loan may take longer, but at least it’s a tax write off.

2. Move towards a new career: While I can’t quit my job tomorrow, I can at least do the research and get prepared for changing careers. I’m still not sure what my dream career is, but right now I’m going to pursue becoming a full time paid writer. I could set my own hours, it’d be  a job I could do from home, and I could work around Match’s ever changing schedule. I may not be able to do it, but I won’t know until I’ve tried.  Plus if I pay off our debt, then we’ll have more financial freedom for me to explore a career change.

3. Stick to a Workout Routine: Every year I write a resolution that has something to do with getting into shape. I’m pretty sure that will always be the case! My goal this year is to stick to a workout routine. I want to work out a minimum of 3 days a week and hopefully lose some weight in the process.

There are my simple resolutions this year. Do you have any New Years resolutions? Did you keep the ones you made last year?



    oh i am right there with you sister! the debt and finding a new career are right up my alley! We can help each other. I loved your comment that you left for me about working from home. It is good to know that the grass isn’t always greener, however there are good and bad. I too would love to blog for a living. Wouldn’t that be swell? :)gina

    Sandy a la Mode

    those are some great resolutions my friend!! hoping you can keep to it!! 🙂 happy new year!!


    Great goals! I love that you’re so practical-minded. I can’t wait to hear about finding your career most of all…I have a feeling this is going to be a good year for you! =)


    Ohhhh…student loans….just saying the words makes me want to start twitching!!!
    Just saying hello! I found you from the hiyaluv blog


    Good luck on your goals!
    I had the debt one on it as well but crossed it off again as I “worked” really hard last year to be able to get it all done this year. Gonna be debt free 🙂
    I should put the get in shape part on my list as well I guess. But I can do it even though it’s not on it, right?

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