Our First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.

Christopher: Ah, mistletoe.
Lorelai: Where are you going with that?
Christopher: I’m going to hang it up in the doorway.
Rory: Oh, that’s not where it goes… We tape it up to one of the blades of the ceiling fan upstairs. That way the kissing is more like a sport. It’s one of our traditions. –Gilmore Girls

This Christmas was a milestone holiday for me and Match. It was our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs. It was one of the more relaxed Christmases I’ve had, and I loved how laid back and mellow it was.

Before celebrating Christmas with Match’s parents, we had our mini Christmas together on our engagement anniversary, the 23rd. Match started the night off by surprising me with roses.

Then we called up my parents and did our Christmas this year with them over the phone. They got Match suspenders and a plaid shirt, which he’d asked for. The package said, “Go Fish” because they thought it made him look like a fisherman. Me, I think he looks like a cowboy. I didn’t think I’d like the look, but I reckon he looks pretty sexy!

Then we exchanged gifts. His to me were practical, which I love. I got a new cutting board, a butter dish, and a tortilla warmer, all gifts left over from our registry. I know they don’t sound like much, but they will last me forever and I love gifts like that.

I went with more playful gifts for Match, with a theme of relaxation. He has been working so hard and the boy needs some R&R time. So I got him the new Call of Duty game, to blow off steam after academy, and a couple of nice cigars. I think next year when we’ve saved a bit more, I’d like to do a full themed Christmas for Match.

Ideally I’d give him Hand Warmers in his stocking, along with Foot Warmers and just when he’d think I was insane, I’d have him open a gift cards from thenorthface.com that would cover snowboarding gear and a weekend away in Tahoe. If I make a bonus by February, maybe I’ll do that for his birthday!

After Match and I exchanged presents we went out to a nice sushi dinner and then came back to our place and relaxed by the fire. I love our little tradition of the mini Christmas with just us two. It’s been our tradition since our first Christmas together, and I hope we continue it when we start our family.

Christmas eve we made the drive over to the in laws. We had a nice dinner together just us four. After eating way too much, we relaxed by the fire and played dominoes. We slept in, and then had a leisurely Christmas morning.

Match’s mom did a great job with stocking stuffers and small gifts this year. She’s really good at picking out presents that she knows we’ll love and use, and that fit our personality. She always seems to go with a theme as well. Last year it was kitchen stuff, for our new life together. The year before that it was travel and included a trip to Seattle. This year it was all about funny hats and silly things.

She got everyone funny tee shirts that matched our personality types. Match’s is perfect, it’s so something he would say. FIL’s cracked me up because it is so true.

For me, the Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed shirt which is perfect because Match always says I’m like a little squirrel running around.

She also got me this adorable Giraffe hat, to go along with the sock monkey hat she got Match last year.

Match’s dad got the Zebra, and his sister, who is in Peru this year, received a polar bear.

I can’t wait until next year when we’re hopefully all together and we can each wear our hats. I’m going to have to find one for MIL’s stocking next year so she can be a goofball with us.

We seemed to be on the same wave length because I bought these elf hats for the dogs. Aren’t they hilarious? My dog was less than thrilled.

We got FIL a waffle maker and spent the morning making waffles together. I made MIL a wedding book and she teared up while looking through it. After we opened all the little gifts, MIL informed us that our big gift is going to be delivered to our house this week and wouldn’t have fit in our car. She got us a full sized grill complete with a rotisserie! Once again I was blown away by her generosity. I’m so excited for us to host bbqs at our new house.

After gift exchanging, we headed over to one of Match’s Aunts house for a Christmas party, but more on that later.

How was your Christmas? Do you have a mini Christmas with anyone? What are your traditions?



    AH, so sweet that he celebrated your engagement anniversary! Most guys would be like uh, there’s one. We have one.

    LOVE the hats. MIL seems so goofy and down to earth, which is so ESSENTIAL. So glad you guys had a great Christmas!


    Awe how sweet! Love the gifts to each other. The mini-Christmas-just-you-2 is a great idea 🙂 Also love the gifts from MIL to funny and to cute!!! And a grill??!!! Yeah I see that getting a lot of use!

    Glad you had a Merry Christmas


    your dogs look so adorable in the hats! love it!

    ps you look cute in your hat too lol

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