Domestic Engineer vs IT Engineer

[Blanche comes in, humming a happy tune and carrying a load of clean laundry]
Dorothy: Blanche, honey, are you okay?
Blanche: Never better, why?
Dorothy: I’ve just never seen you do anything domestic.
Blanche: Dorothy, I’ve done the laundry thousands of times! Oh, by the way, we’re out of…[tries to read the bleach bottle]…blee-ock.-The Golden Girls

Saturday night Good Couple invited us over to their place for dinner. Good Girl pulled out all the stops, making us a tasty dinner and dessert. It’s amazing how comfortable the four of us have become in such a short amount of time. Dinner was relaxed and fun, even without alcohol as a social tool. It’s kind of refreshing having friends that don’t drink. It gives us a break from our other friends who are pretty heavy drinkers. Plus it’s nice to know that we’re still fun people when we’re sober. 😉 This is good news for when we decide to have a baby and I have to go nine months without the sauce.

Over dinner, Good Girl and I got to talking about work. She’s currently unemployed, having just moved to the area with her husband for the academy. She’s thinking of going back to school for photography once academy is over and they’ve saved up some cash. She takes the most amazing pictures. I love taking snapshots but this girl knows how to take a beautiful photo. Her dream is to do the stay at home wife thing, and hopefully have kids soon. Then she could do photography and have her own schedule.

I told her about my job and about how I’m not all that happy doing it. The thing is, as I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I don’t know what it is I really want to do. I’m envious of her position and being able to have the free time right now to figure it out. Sure, they don’t have much of a disposable income, but they’re making it work. She’s also incredibly active and has fixed up their little apartment to where it really feels like a home. She’s definitely a domestic engineer and not just an unemployed woman watching Oprah and soaps all day long.

It got me thinking about what we’ll do when Match is out of academy and he gets his pay increase. Part of me would love to be able to quit my job as an IT engineer and become a domestic engineer instead. I would love to have the free time to get back into gym classes like kick-boxing and yoga. I’d also love to be able to take a photography class or even a cooking class to bump up my cooking skills. I also love watching HGTV shows about interior design and it’d be fun to take a class and learn more about lines like Layla Grayce, Noir furniture, and ways to make a room really pop. I could take a creative writing class and live the dream of being a full time blogger. It would be nice to have all of that free time to really figure out what it is I really want to do with my life.

I think eventually if I could cut down my hours at my current job to 30 or even just 20 hours a week, I might grow to really like it again. 40 hours a week of listening to people complain can be a bit taxing, but it’s nothing compared to commuting two hours a day every day, having to go to a bland office where it’s silent as a tomb, and listening to people complain about their computers. At least from my home office I can listen to their complaints while playing fetch with my pup, in my jammie jams. 🙂

What about you? Would you choose the stay at home life if you and yours could afford it? Have you ever taken time off work by choice, to figure out what you wanted to do?



    No way! I would be bored to tears. Plus, I have the bad habit of spending money when I’m off work (i.e. shopping, going to movies, etc.) so it would be two steps backwards! One of my best friends is unemployed, taking one class on the weekend b/c her husband works and they only have one car. I’ve seen how depressed she has gotten, especially since they live in a suburban neighborhood where she can’t walk anywhere.


    Wow I can totally relate. I want to be a stay at home mom when Marine and I have kids. But I also know that it this day and time its hard for a family to make it one income. I’m taking classes now for webdesign because thats a job I could do from home. It wouldn’t have to be full time but it would be extra income. I think I would get bored staying home for longer than a month lol So I have to have a job. But it would be nice to have a month two off with no worries so I could catch up on my projects around the house. Finish that scrapbook I started and never finished, etc. Ahhh we can only dream!


    I think because next year will be my first full-fledged year in the work force I’m too excited and motivated to think about not working, but I could definitely see myself wanting to have some free time–especially if L. is a doctor! 😉

    One of The Guys

    Hey! Been a while. Hope all is well. Sounds like it.

    If we had the money I would quit almost everything I’m doing and completely reinvent.

    Now is the time, especially if you plan on having kids. After that it gets a lot harder to justify quitting cold to try something new.
    Go for it! Seriously!

    Good luck. Happy Holidays!

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