Time For a Newer Car

Alex H.: Notice every person that honks is driving a nice car.
Kristin: BMW, Mercedes, fucking Range Rovers. Yeah!
Alex H.: It’s fate telling you, you need to get a new car. –Laguna Beach

Doesn’t it seem like just when you’re getting ahead and getting debts paid off that something else comes up that takes a chunk of your savings. I got my oil changed last week and the technician pointed out that my tires are practically bald and I’m in need of alignment and probably new tires. My car is starting to get older, and it’s definitely not a car I want to put a lot of money into. It’s a 2003 Ford Focus and it’s been good to me these past few years but I’m starting to outgrow it. I’ve been doing some research and I’d like to find something that would give me cheap car insurance quotes, get good gas mileage, and also be more of a family car. My two door focus is not going to cut it when we have kids. I’m also sick of my stick shift, especially when I’m stuck in this California traffic.

I’d love to be the proud owner of a Subaru Forester:

or maybe a Honda CR-V.

Even though I’d like to run out and buy a new car, I’m going to do the smart thing and take those would be car payments and put it into savings for the next few months. Plus the money spent on new tires wouldn’t even equal three months worth of car payments.



    I feel you!! My 4runner is a 2000 and I just had to put new tires on it. Tires are so expensive, it’s crazy! Its nice not having a car payment though….. but I see where your coming from. Before long your going to start thinking about kids and it’s be good if you already had a car that could grow with your family. If you bought a used SUV now and financed for 3 years you could about have it paid off by the time you have kids. You were thinking 2years right?

    Yeah I’m no help for talking you out of it…. lol I’d advise against the Honda though. I had a friend who had one and she hated it 🙁


    I’m in the same boat. I actually have a subaru forester and LOVE it- but it’s a 2000 with almost 2000K miles! I am trying to save enough money so that when it finally dies, I can buy a car without a car payment. I’ve never had one before so why start now!?

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