Flaky Friends are Frustrating

Alex: Jim, when I said you were a flake, I meant you’d done some weird things.
Jim: Name one.
Alex: You lived in a condemned building for five years.
Jim: You’re confusing flakiness with style!
Alex: You kept a horse named Gary in your bedroom.
Jim [condescendingly]: Not everyone has a guest room, Alex.-Taxi

Match and I have been trying to have a house warming party since we moved into our new place. It’s been a little bit frustrating because we can’t seem to get any of our old friends to commit to a weekend night to come over. I’m just thankful we’re making friends here in our new town. I know people are busy but you’d think we’d be able to plan something. I love our friends, but some of them are terrible at making plans, especially Tahoe Couple. I love that they are spontaneous but it also sucks in the real world. I am envious of their footloose lifestyle where they can just pick up and travel at a moment’s notice. Some day, maybe when Match and I retire we can get an rv insurance quote, buy an rv and just hit the road travelling. Even then, I think we’ll want to plan things out. I like having things to look forward to and being able to plan ahead. Maybe that’s part of growing up, or maybe it’s just my personality type.

As for our house warming party, I guess we’ll just have to scrap it and get together with our friends in smaller groups. Sometimes I really long for the days where people would send out written invitations to parties and guests would have to reply back in writing. I know, I’m old school!



    I understand your pain! I am so NOT spontaneous and some of my friends only operate that way.

    I’ve found that the best thing to do it go ahead and plan it anyway. Whoever can make it will come, and you might be surprised who will shift their plans so they don’t miss out!


    Awe I’m sorry πŸ™ Maybe you could have a new years /house warming party???

    Hopefully you can get them to commit to something!


    awww i’m sorry! i know what you mean. i’m like you. i’m an invite and thank you note type of girl. it’s sad to think of that as ‘old fashion’.

    i hope you are able to have some kind of gathering sometime soon to show off the new digs πŸ™‚

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