Good Couple, Good Double Date

It was the best night ever
Laughter raining down like April showers
Oh, we talked for hours
Best night ever.
Remember when Lily told to that story ’bout the DMV
They’re not very efficient there, which is why it was funny

Then we played charades
Lily made some créme brulée-lay-lay-lay-lay
And now that we’re best couple-friends
There’s only one thing
Left to say…

Are you free?
Are you free?
Are you free?
Please be free
Say you’re free
Are you free next Saturday?
Are you free?
(spoken) Friday or Sunday would also work. Or basically any other day. -Marshall, How I Met Your Mother

The weekend before Thanksgiving Match and I went on a double date with Good Couple. We took them to our favorite sushi place downtown. The trouble with this sushi place it that they have about 200 specialty rolls and we found ourselves ordering way too much food.
We may have been a little over excited about the deep fried eggrolls especially. I’m starting to think that I should have read that lipofuze review because after that night of dinner I definitely overate. Despite all of the gluttony, we had a great time with Good Couple. Conversation was easy and never felt forced. We were all relaxed around each other, sort of as if we’d been friends a long time. Good Girl and I have a lot in common. We’re both extremely goofy and have been known to be awkward in public.

My favorite story of the night was the story of how Good Couple met. They were camping and each in different groups. One of Good Girl’s friends got hurt, I think jumping off of a rock or something and needed an emergency helicopter. Good Guy was CPR certified so he ran over to the girl and started checking to make sure she was ok. While he was examining her, Good Girl looked at him and burst out, “You smell good!” I can just picture the scene. There is a complete emergency on their hands and all Good Girl is thinking is, man this guy smells good. It’s totally something I would have done.

The friend turned out to be just fine by the way. Good Girl said she didn’t end up seeing Good Guy again until months later. I’m pretty sure she’ll be teased by that one for the rest of her life. 🙂 I told her it’s because she could smell his pheromones and knew they were a good match. “Hey when a guy smells good, you gotta tell him. Even if your friend is on a stretcher.” We were all busting up laughing.

After dinner we went back to our place where Good Girl immediately grabbed up my many photo books and started paging through them. She loved the guest book and we chattered away about weddings. Our wedding colors were really similar and we share the same tastes. I made everyone tea and we topped the night off watching episodes of Tosh.0 and laughing till our cheeks hurt.

I can’t wait to double date with them again soon! Hopefully we don’t come across too eager to hang out. 😉



    Sounds like you had a fun night 🙂 It’s nice to have another couple with similar interests to hang out with sometime.

    This also reminded me of the Friends episode when Chandler and Monica meet the great couple who ended up giving them a fake number. That episode cracks me up.

    I know you and Match weren’t like that! But the HIMYM quote made me jump to Friends.

    I know. I’m random. lol 🙂


    i’m glad that you had a great double date!! it sounds like it was much more relaxed than when you went on the double date with that other couple 🙂

    omg e! i totally love that episode of friends!! (shocking. i know)

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