My Third Thanksgiving With Match

Eric, honey, could you get the Thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer? Oh, wait. It’s a 20-pounder. Donna, could you get the Thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer? -Kitty, That 70’s Show

This year’s Thanksgiving festivities were so much fun. I still can’t believe this was my third Thanksgiving with Match and his family. Time has flown by and so much has changed for the two of us. Match’s Parents hosted Thanksgiving this year which was really nice for us. We were able to have Monkey there and we didn’t have to drive since we spent the long weekend with them.

I got up early and helped Match’s Dad with the cooking. I made cornbread and stuffed mushrooms by request. I make them every year and they a huge pain in the butt. They’re worth it when everyone eats them before I can get them on the plate!

Match’s four aunts were there along with their spouses and a few of Match’s cousins. I liked that it was a fairly small group this year. Everyone was just so relaxed and comfortable. As we sat down for dinner a few of the aunts made a toast to the family. I never make toasts but I felt that this year I had to say something. I stood up shyly and said, “This is my third Thanksgiving with you all, and my first as an official member of the family, and I just wanted to say, I couldn’t be happier.” It was short and sweet, but it teared everyone up, especially my mother in law.

I love that there was no reason to take pills for acne, no one stressed out, no one argued. It was just a warm family dinner. After dinner we played Catch Phrase and Match’s mom led me in a very clumsy (on my part, I have two left feet) dance around the living room.

We had Celtic music playing, Irish coffees, and lots and lots of laughter.

How did you celebrate your Thanksgiving?



    Glad you had such an enjoyable Thanksgiving! And wonderful toast 🙂


    how fun! what a touching toast. i must admit… teared up too 🙂


    Looks like SO much fun! I think your toast was sweet and simple…exactly what a toast should be! Someone should have advised my brothers of that when they gave their toasts at my brother’s wedding…

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