52 Love Stories and OUR Story

But no matter what love throws at you, you have to believe in it. You have to believe in love stories and prince charmings and happily ever after. –Taylor Swift

When I first started my blog I had a faithful commenter almost from day 1. Some of you may remember her as “Candy Girl”. She had a really cute blog about her dating disasters, similar to my own horror stories in those early days. Well she stopped writing her blog and I wondered where she’d disappeared to. Then a few weeks ago I received an email from someone named Stefanie, and it turns out it was Candy Girl! She has a new blog called 52 Love Stories and it’s amazing. It’s an uplifting blog that features a different love story in each post. These stories are incredible and the couples featured are from all walks of life. Even more exciting-Stefanie interviewed me and Match via email and featured our story!

It was so fun to go over these questions with Match. I think I fell even more in love with him at some of his answers. So go check it out-you’ll actually get to read Match’s side of the story. 🙂
Thank you Stefanie for featuring us on your blog and for sharing these inspiring love stories. The world needs more happy endings!



    Cute picture 🙂 Ya’ll are so stinking cute together! Going over to read your post now!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂


    I LOVED THIS! So cute! L. and I have strange noises and calls too (our nickname for each other is “pooper” which everyone thinks is super gross but it’s just us). And we call it his nook instead of his pit haha! So fun to read =)


    ooooh i can’t wait to take a read through 🙂

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