Early Turkey Day and Family Drama

Jess: Wait, you’re taking off? Is this about your dad? Is he alright?
Sam: Yeah, you know, just a little family drama. –Supernatural

Yesterday Match and I got to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with his extended family. I was all jazzed about lots of food but I barely ate a thing. We hadn’t seen a lot of the family since our wedding and everyone wanted to talk. It sort of felt like my wedding because I was so busy talking I never had time to really eat. I didn’t even have turkey (gasp!). I haven’t been working out for the past month so I wasn’t exactly worse for wear after eating a little meal. Plus I made this incredibly fattening, so of course delicious, cornbread. And I may have sampled a bit before bringing it over. And some of the batter. Maybe.

It was great to see the family but there was an awful lot of driving involved for a Friday night. Both Match and I were worn out from the work week and didn’t feel up for driving an hour and a half through traffic.

Match’s Aunt (one of 5)’s house is pretty nice. The house has a great layout with an open kitchen and family room and separate formal living room. There were little scatterings of people all throughout the house and I made my rounds visiting with everyone. My favorite part of the night were the games when one of Match’s cousins busted out Catch Phrase. Not everyone played but those of us who did had a good laugh.

While I absolutely love Match’s family, this potluck made me really homesick for Thanksgivings from the past with my mom’s side of the family. It’s been years since we’ve had a big family Thanksgiving. My mom is also one of five siblings and there seems to be a lot of drama within the family. There’s always one aunt or uncle who’s not speaking to the rest of the fam and it seems to get worse the older we all get. I wish we could go back to how it was when I was a little kid and my cousins were all babies. We’d all crowd into our living room and play charades or sing songs. Sometimes one of my uncles and I would put on skits and tell jokes to entertain the family. I’m betting we had just as much family drama back then but I was too young to know anything about it. To be young and oblivious again…sometimes that sounds so nice.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. Even though it will be a bit more formal, I’m sure after a few glasses of wine I can convince the in-laws to play some games. Maybe sing a few songs. But a skit might be pushing it. I don’t know if I want to see my mother in law that drunk. 😉

Do you have family traditions for Thanksgiving? Any family drama around the holidays? I can’t be the only one!


    Brittany E.

    There is tons of drama in my family! All drama, all the time, and the worst is always Thanksgiving because my one Uncle would come into town and stir everything up.

    I started dreading Thanksgiving! But I always look forward to thanksgiving with just Adam and me! So much more relaxing ;). You better get Turkey at your next thanksgiving! 🙂


    The family drama had been building for years, and then when my Mom died the family imploded. Now “family get-togethers” have pretty much stopped completely (and when they are forced upon us, nobody has a good time).
    I actually convinced my Hubs that we should go away for Christmas because “celebrating” with my family just makes me remember what it used to be like, and that makes me sad…


    Glad you had a good time! And yes I think every family has their own share of drama!! My mom is one of 4 kids all of which are scattered across the U.S. so we have never done anything as a whole family with her side, which is rather sad now that I think about it.

    We always go to my grandparents house (my dad’s parents). My grandmother passed away when I was 12 and at 15 my grandfather remarried. I love my step-grandmother! She has never tried to replace my grandmother but I know she still loves me as if I was her own grandkid. But my dad’s sister never accepted it so she (and her family) are always drama weather they show up or not. You would think 13 years she would let it go.

    Sorry that was a long response. lol


    happy early thanksgiving! i think we all have our drama. mine is that my parents are divorced. i always go to my mom’s house but my brother does the every other year thing… which i’m sure can wear him down. i’m not exactly excited to see what will happen when one of us gets married, haha.

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