Match Finally Got PAID

Newt: After tasting the Nakishka You know, I don’t say this often but AWESOME!
Cory: (to Meena) did you ever thought of selling these things?
Meena: Oh No, I just make them for holidays.
Cory: Well with your baking skills and my business skills, everyday’s gonna’ be a holiday. Its gonna’ be called pay day.-Cory in the House

Match’s check finally came! He’s going to be getting paid monthly so I had to introduce Match to the joys of budgeting. He quickly learned that his money is not just his anymore but ours. Ah, growing up. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I gave him his total of the bills which have gone down some. Hurray for combined car insurance rates and our new town’s lower PG&E bills. Still, after all the bills were paid we realized we finally, finally have play money. Even after my careful budgeting and extra payments made to debts and savings. Yippee! To celebrate Match took me out for a nice sushi dinner.

I can see how happy Match is to be contributing to the household expenses again. He knows it all equals out in the end, and that one day he’ll probably be the sole bread winner when we have a family, but I think he still likes the idea of providing now. I have to say I love it too. Not only is it nice to have the second paycheck again, but he’s getting paid for a job he absolutely loves. He comes home tired but happy. And a happy husband my dear blogger friends, well that is just priceless.



    YAY!!! I know that was a huge relief! And thats wonderful that you were able to add extra money to debt and to savings and still have money left over ๐Ÿ™‚ Sushi diner will earned!


    yay! its about time!! i’m sure you two are so relieved. i so cannot wait until i have another paycheck helping me out with bills. i just sit back and think how much i’ll be able to save…

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