First Double Date in our New Town

[after the double date between Lily and Marshall and Barney and Robin]
Lily Aldrin: Nailed it!
Marshall Eriksen: Best date night ever!
[They high five each other]
Barney Stinson: [Outside the door] Worst night ever!
[Robin mimes shooting herself in the head] –How I Met Your Mother

Last Saturday Match and I invited his recruit buddies out for dinner in our town. It was supposed to be an opportunity for me to meet the wives/girlfriends of the other recruits and hopefully make some friends. I looked forward to it all week. I’ve been really lonely in our new town, especially with how busy Match has been.

You can just imagine my disappointment when Match got a bunch of texts from the guys cancelling.  I had a horrible week at work and it was an accumulation of stress, frustration and disappointment but I just broke down crying. Match felt terrible and held me while I cried. I know it’s childish to cry over broken plans, and I rarely cry to begin with. But bloggers, you know me, you know what a people person I am. I’d spent the majority of my days alone, commuting a ton, and spending 90% of my time by myself. I really needed that night out. Match did his best to cheer me up and told me how much he loves me and he promised he’d take me out to a nice dinner and we’d still make the night fun.

Then we got a text from one of the recruits saying he knew the rest of the guys canceled but would we want to just double date instead? So we happily agreed and I ran off to get ready. It’s not that I don’t love nights alone with Match; I absolutely do. It’s just sometimes I need to be in a group, get some girl time in and just have some interactions. Match can be really quiet, especially lately with how tired he’s been. When the two of us go out to dinner there are a lot of comfortable silences, which are fine. I just really craved some lively TALK.

The recruit and his wife showed up and it was clear that she was in need of some girl time too. She’d gotten all dressed up and I looked like a car that had been stolen and scraped for its Ferrari parts. It was cute that she was so dressed up for our double date, even though we were just going out for Mexican food. She even told her boyfriend that “Women get dressed up for each other, not you” which is so true.

Conversation didn’t start out that easy. She had a Juicy Couture bag, dressed in skintight name brand jeans with a cute top and adorable high heeled boots. I definitely felt like a country bumpkin next to her in my run of the mill comfy jeans, long sleeved black shirt, and sneakers. She sized me up and I could tell I wasn’t what she expected either.

The walk over was tough and conversation was a bit stilted. It didn’t help that she was wearing high heeled boots and we took a ten minute walk to the restaurant. Meanwhile the boys were walking ahead of us talking and laughing like brothers.  Once dinner started and we’d sipped on margaritas and wine for her, she started to get more comfortable.

She had this sassy attitude with her recruit that cracked me up, and has thus earned her the nickname on this blog as Sassy. Also the fact that these two used to go clubbing and get out on the town make them both a lot sassier than us.

After dinner Sassy and I convinced the boys that we wanted to go check out the local bars. The boys wandered off to talk to some cop friend of Sassy Guy’s they ran into and left us gals alone to chat.
She opened up to me a little and told me she’s been married and divorced before and has a daughter from the marriage. She said that when Sassy Guy came into her life he was her hero. He’d taken to her daughter like she was his own and he was great with their new baby (another little girl, only 6 months old). She said she wants to marry him someday but she’s in no big hurry. I can’t blame her for being a little gun shy after the first marriage.

We visited a little more and then we all headed back to our house. Sassy Guy shocked me by grabbing one of our guitars that we have yet to learn how to play and strummed a song for us. We fell into this relaxed groove and the four of us were pretty comfy just hanging out. It helped that Match, Sassy Guy and I had downed two pitchers of margaritas. 😉 Look at my totally buzzed expression. I’m such a goob.

After they left Match and I discussed the evening. We were both much more comfortable with Sassy Guy and we agreed Sassy Girl was interesting. I told him I wouldn’t mind getting to know her better but I didn’t think was all that impressed with me.

We’re very different people but sometimes that’s great in a friendship. She reminds me of Couple Wife in some ways. They’re both pretty straight forward and have a lot of attitude. It took a little while to get to know CW and now I’m so glad that I do. So who knows, maybe Sassy will become a great friend. Even if she doesn’t, it was so nice to go out on a double date and visit with new people.

Match got a text the next day from Sassy Guy saying they’d both had a great time and invited us and the rest of the recruits over to their house for a bbq for the following Saturday. I guess they did like us! I wonder how the second meeting will go. I can’t wait to meet more of the recruit’s ladies and hopefully make some new friends!



    It sounds like you did a lot better than I would have in the same situation…I am all about awkward interactions.
    Maybe she was dressing to impress and will be more laid back at the BBQ.
    Visiting from SITS.

    Michelle Saunderson

    Sounds like a great time. I wish my boyfriend would plan get togethers like that. I could use some girl time too.


    yay. it sounds like it was a fun time. can’t wait to hear about round 2!

    don’t worry about crying. sometimes you just need to let it out. did you feel better after you did? i know i always do after a good cry 🙂

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