Post it Note Tuesday-November


    Go Mommy

    I love fall and baking too, I just made my fav. pumpkin bread with cream cheese filling yumm!!!
    You should check out Share a Spoon with Think Tank Mama (she is on the PINT linky) this week is Thanksgiving Sides!!! Yummy.


    Now I could totally go for a baked apple!

    Brittany E.

    Please tell me if you have the fireplace that you are going to be making smores, lots and lots of smores. And then fed ex them to me 🙂


    oooh. how do you make baked apples? this is so my fave season to bake… this and winter, on a snowy day. *sigh*

    i love baking cakes. this year i’m going to give it a go at making a few pies. and i found a recipe for cake balls that seems somewhat easy and look absolutely delish!

    ok. can we say jealous that you get to work from home?! i so wish i could snuggle up on the sofa while doing my work. enjoy it!!


    I’m going to be posting my recipe I made last weekend for a warm and bubbly Spinach and Artichoke dip soon. It’s SO GOOD! You should make it for Match!

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