Haircut and the Psychic Hairdresser

[about Daphne] She’s psychic. We’ve decided to find it charming. –Frasier

Today I finally made an appointment for a long overdue haircut. It was quite possibly one of the most disturbing haircutting experiences I’ve ever had, and had nothing to do with the actual cut. Luckily I loved the trim. The problem wasn’t the talent of the stylist. She was extremely good at her job. No the problem was her. She started out seeming normal enough, if a bit spacey. After she shampooed my hair and sat me down in her chair, I learned that this hairdresser believed she was psychic and that God told her things about her clients.

Then she got this really intense look on her face and for a second I was worried she was going to Sweeney Todd me. I kid you not bloggy friends; I was concerned at one point. While she was telling me some wacky story about being high and riding her bike through town, with only $1000 left to her name and how God told her to buy this salon, my eyes were on the scissors she was waving wildly in her hand. If she hadn’t already started cutting my hair, I might have just paid her and left.

Now I am not an overly religious person but I do believe in God. I’m really private when it comes to my religious beliefs and my motto is to each their own as long as they aren’t harming others. But people that say Jesus and God 30 times in a five minute conversation kind of freak me out. She also cussed like a sailor which made me laugh. I think she actually said Jesus and dropped an F bomb in the same sentence.

So there I was, stuck in the salon chair, with this complete nutjob stylist. I was scared for myself and wondering if I might need to find personal injury lawyers Tucson. Luckily she wasn’t completely bananas and didn’t shave my head or anything. She was very good at figuring out what type of hair style I should have. She grabbed a picture of Jennifer Aniston and said, “this is the cut we need to give you.” She did a great job and I’m sorry I don’t have a picture to show you. It’s very subtle and I doubt most people would notice I had it cut at all. But I do love how she trimmed up my ends and showed me how I should be parting my hair to make it work with the natural part.

Even though she was talented, I don’t know if the good cut was worth the hour I spent being incredibly uncomfortable and learning way too much information about this stylist. She told me where she lived, giving me the exact address and told me she wanted to build a tree house in her backyard. She told me her dogs’ names, her cats’ names, and she told me I should be a director of an animal rescue center or I should go to school to be better at my current job. She said she was getting the sense that I want kids right now, but that my husband isn’t ready. This one made me chuckle because I’m pretty sure Match is more ready then I am (Don’t worry, we’re still waiting at least a few more years)! I caught on fairly early that it was better to just go along with her “reading” rather than disagree because then she’d stop cutting and wave the scissors around while telling me stories. I found that just agreeing with her and smiling politely was the best way to go.

After she finished cutting my hair she said it was, H-O-T and sexy and sassy. She reminded me that she’s incredibly talented and said she’d see me in 4 months. I’m undecided on whether I”ll go back. I looked her up on Yelp when I got home and found that a lot of people have had similar experiences when dealing with her. She got 5 star ratings and most people said that her cuts were worth her eccentricities. So we’ll see. Maybe now that I know what I’m in for it won’t be quite as uncomfortable.

Have you ever had an awkward experience at a hair salon or from a self proclaimed psychic? How’d you handle it?



    “I was worried she was going to Sweeney Todd me” hahahah this made me laugh so much!!! I’m at least glad the cut worked out…sounds like it could have been a disaster!


    WOW I’m sorry but this had me rolling with laughter! 🙂 I’m like you religious wise and I would have felt a little uncomfortable as well….

    I think you handled it quite well!! My friend Blondie cuts is a stylist so she cuts my hair…. and she’s a different type of crazy 🙂 lol

    Brittany E.

    I’m a pretty religious person, but I’m pretty sure that would make me have an inner panic attack.

    I have had hair dressers that are odd, usually in the over-sharing type. But never psychic. But hey if her abilities led to great hair cuts, I would just stick it out 🙂

    Michelle Saunderson

    OMG, too funny. I wish I could visit her, it sounds exciting…lol.


    I wouldn’t go back. She sounds CRAY CRAY! (crazy) 🙂

    I just realized that your blog hasn’t been updating in my reader at Bloglovin’. I emailed them to find out why. So I’m going to catch up on a month’s worth of entries. Whoops!

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