Wishlist-2010 Edition

Lily Randall: If you call me one more time… I will tell everyone that you played with a doll until we were six
Robert Robbie McGrath: It was a female action figure
Lily Randall: With a Dream Home! Please! –Radio Free Roscoe

I can’t believe we’re almost done with the first week of November. Did you hear that whooshing sound as the year has passed by? Every year as I’m browsing the internet and checking out all of the holiday sales I like to come up with a dream wishlist. I never actually ask for any of the items, I just like to dream.

At the top of my wish list is of course a home of our own. Maybe next year this one will become a reality. We’ll probably start off with a cute little starter home, but wouldn’t this be cool?

Check out the gorgeous
landscape lighting that makes the house just glow. So pretty!

Here are a few other items on my current wish list. These are slightly more obtainable, but most likely not for another year or so.

Do you ever make wish lists for fun? What’s one thing you’d absolutely love to get?



    I make wish lists ALL THE TIME. I just love making lists anyway and I also love browsing things I know I’ll never buy.

    I love outdoor lighting too but I’ve heard some things about it being correlated with robberies…something about how robbers a. can see the house better and b. assume if you have money to spend on outdoor lighting and obviously take pride in your home, you’ve got some things in there they might like to get their hands on.

    One of The Guys

    I stopped making wish lists because I never have the money to get anything beyond what we need. It just makes me depressed.
    But my wife would say a dog!
    Hope you’ve been well. I’m glad you’re so happy.

    Brittany E.

    I love that house and the lighting! And the stone! I die for the stone! I want to buy a house so bad as well. But California is so gosh darn expensive!

    I spend so much time browsing for things online that I can’t really afford. My fave thing to look for is comforter sets! I don’t know why comforter sets,but I’m obsessed with the expensive ones from anthropology.

    Do you know that amazon has a universal wish list where you can save anything from any site? I love it! That was I can always locate all my finds. And its a great way to make a Christmas list for Adam.


    We need a new bad so bad. I love the lighting on that house too.

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