Wishing I Had a Dream Career

Monica: Uh-huh, but I’m sure you can handle this. I mean, I have won awards for my organizational skills, but, uh, I’m sure you’ll do fine.
Phoebe: You won awards?
Monica: Mm-mh. I printed them out on my computer.

Match has found his calling. Even though academy is tough I can see he’s enjoying what he’s learning. He comes home with stories of something new he’s learned about the laws and he’s got that spark of enthusiasm in his eye. I wish I had that type of enthusiasm for my job. It’s no secret that I’m not happy with my career. I never picked it for myself; I fell into my IT job like so many people do, so it makes sense that I’m less than thrilled with it.

I’ve been doing some research online and trying to figure out what job would be good for me based on my personality type. I’ve toyed with the idea of teaching but I don’t know that it’s my dream. I love staying organized and I’m ridiculously prepared for things. I wrote my wedding thank you cards the minute we received gifts. I had them all sent out just days after the wedding. I’m pretty much Monica on Friends. So what job would best suit me? Do people hire professional organizers? I suppose I could try my hand at event planning because I’m organized but I don’t know if I could deal with bridezillas.

If anyone has any tips out there for figuring out what my true calling would be based on my personality, I would absolutely love to hear them. 🙂



    I would say personal assistant for some high-powered person–not like an entry level, administrative assistant type deal, but the kind who actually get to do all the “fun” organizational stuff. Maybe you don’t have to rule out event planning! There’s a lot more out there than weddings…I know it’s a lame example (and that you hate her haha) but think of Heidi from the Hills at Bolthouse. She had an office job by day, and only had to give up some of her weekends to run events, but there were major perks.


    I have actually hired a personal organizer to help me in my kitchen and kids’ study area…. she was FABULOUS and worth every penny!!

    Do something to incorporate what you are passionate about. It makes life so much nicer to enjoy going to work each day. Look into an event planning company…. a friend of mine works for one and has not planned one wedding in the past 7 years!


    I’m right there with you! I’m ready for a new job that pertains to my interests or my degree!

    Fingers crossed you will find something you love. I think you would make a wonderful event-planner,but as you said dealing with bridezillas could get old fast.

    I agree with Michelle maybe a personal assistant would be good.

    Or you could be a hoarder-rider! haha go into peoples houses and help them organize 🙂 Yeah I’m grasping at straws now…. lol


    welcome to my world… i’m *hoping* teaching is my new calling. otherwise i’ll have a pretty expensive useless masters degree coming way, haha.

    as for event planning… it sounds like a ton of fun! but….. be prepared to work all of the time and with crazies. working at the stationery store, i know a few and they are always always always working. good money but never home on the weekends.

    good luck on your search!! when you do find *that* job, i’m sure all of this will have been worth it 🙂


    I’m 31 and still don’t know what my calling is. I’m not a Monica though. That’s for sure. Ha!

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