Sleepover at the In-Laws

Lisa: Hey Mom, can Juliet sleepover?
Marge: Are your parents okay with that? They’ve never met us.
Bart: We could be murderers.
Homer: Could have been, if we hadn’t had kids. –The Simpsons

After working from home the last three days of the week, I started getting cabin fever. I love our new home but being there for the last 70 something hours straight was a bit much. My cold was almost gone by Saturday so Match, Monkey and I were able to take the night off from all of the academy stress and get out of town. We made the hour and a half trip North to visit Match’s parents. Monkey was thrilled to be seeing his buddy again. It was the first real rainy night of the season. Call me crazy but there is just something about rainy nights that I love. We had a delicious meal of Match’s Dad’s famous green chile. Then Match and I took a hot tub in the rain. Have you ever hot tubbed in the rain? It’s incredible. We wore baseball caps and laughed as the rain pelted on us.

After our soak we ended the night with board games with the in-laws. We were able to sleep in and then had a big breakfast before heading back to our real life. My internal alarm clock always wakes me up pretty early but I love the morning quiet, especially when it’s raining. I curled up with Monkey and Puppy to read my book while we waited for the rest of the house to wake up. Match woke up to this scene:

Monkey makes a great pillow. 🙂 Don’t mind my horrible hair and no makeup but I’d just woken up. It was so nice seeing Match’s parents and getting some much needed R&R. I know Match loved coming home and his parent’s place has become a home away from home for me too. Match’s Mom and I talked about Thanksgiving plans and we’re both excited for the holidays coming up.

After breakfast we rushed home and got the house ready for Match’s study session. He had a few of the guys over from his academy and I got a chance to meet the men he’s been telling me about. They were a great group of guys and were thrilled when I made them cookies for their study sess. I liked having them study at our house but I also didn’t know what to do with myself. I couldn’t watch tv since they were in the living room so I ended up hiding out in the office looking up foreclosures and daydreaming about buying a home with Match.

After the boys finished studying I asked them if they’d be interested in coming over sometime with their wives for a wine and beer night. The guys seemed excited by the idea so hopefully we’ll do something in the next few weekends. I figure these guys are going to end up being Match’s coworkers and he’ll be spending a lot of his time with them. I’d love it if I clicked with some of the wives, especially since they are in the same boat as me. I’m really hoping to make friends in this new county we’ve moved to. Maybe Match and I can finally make some couple friends here that can hang out on a regular basis!



    how nice! getting away, if even for just an overnight trip, is always nice. i love just snuggling up with the furkids, reading and relaxing while it’s raining out. glad you both had fun 🙂


    I love playing board games!


    Glad you had a good trip 🙂

    And diner would be a good opportunity to make some new friends.

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