Appreciating the New Routine

I can tell Michael’s mood by which comedy routine he chooses to do. The more infantile, the more upset he is. And he just skipped the Ace Ventura talking butt thing. He never skips it. This is bad. -Pam, The Office

Only Parent Chronicles



    Wow, I’m impressed that you shine his boots!

    Waking up before 6 would be rough.


    Ohh, this is the sweetest! It’s so funny how AS SOON AS you guys got married, everything changed. But he’s paying his dues now–think of how great your future together will be once he works his way up!


    so many new things going on for you! sounds like you’re getting adjusted nicely, even if right now your time with match is limited… at least things are headed in a positive direction… just think… not only is he bettering himself but also you. it will all pay off šŸ™‚


    Fist of all, i LOVE that quote from The Office.
    I hear ya about getting up before 6 and commuting 2 hours…I used to do the same thing and it’s really not fun! But sounds like you’ve got some other great things in your life!

    Lisa @ early morning run

    it’s amazing how one thing can change so many other things in our lives! I hope you’re able to settle into your new routine!

    I have a quick question. How do you make the post-it notes? I’d love to find out!

    Stopping by from SITS!


    Everything has a pro and con ~ Sounds like your doing a great job of looking at the positive side of things! šŸ™‚

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