Post It Note Tuesday-New House, New Town



    congrats on your new home!!! lots of ‘new’ things coming your way 🙂 enjoy all of them.

    lots of luck to match and his new career!!

    That One Mom

    wow, moving is tough! Best of luck with unpacking!

    Diana @ A Little Bit of Life

    Congrats on the new house. We’ve been in ours for a year now and I’m still waiting on our new couches. 🙁


    Once again we are way to much alike!!! I love that couch and had looked at a similar one. 🙂 Congrats on the new home…. maybe it will start to unpack for you soon! Lol

    Hopefully work will let you work from home more often. And fingers still crossed for Match!!

    {Also thanks for the update on That One Mom}


    Good luck with the unpack! And HUGE good lucks to Match that he loves his new job. You guys will do great…6 months will be up before you know it!

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