Never Worry a Bride the Night Before Her Wedding

Ted: [over the phone] Hello, Robin, it’s Ted.
Robin Scherbatsky: Oh, hi, Ted.
Ted: [repeats] Hello, Robin, it’s Ted.
Robin Scherbatsky: Hi, Ted. Sounds like you’re having fun.
Ted: Robin, have I ever told you that I have been vomit-free since ’93?
Robin Scherbatsky: Oh, listen Ted. I can’t really talk right… ’93? Dude, that’s impressive. –How I Met Your Mother

I’m getting the pictures back from the wedding tomorrow!! I will post them asap. While we wait, I figured I would regal you with a story of the night before the wedding and the morning of. The night before the wedding I remained surprisingly calm. A few of my close girlfriends came over: Couple Wife, Geeky, Monica and Tahoe Girl. We drank a little bit of wine and chatted. Couple Wife brought me an adorable hoodie and tank top to wear for the morning of. Here’s me in the hoodie (which says BRIDE on the front, and Bride to Be on the back, and I still wear on walks, haha):

After the girls left I went about my routine. Did my oily skin treatment, brushed my teeth, and went to bed like usual. I was actually able to drift off to sleep. Then I get a text message from Match, who was out with a few of the guys for a few “casual drinks”. Here’s what the text said:

I threw up sweetie. Love u

Whaaaa?? I sit straight up in bed fully awake, and full on freak out mode. Now here’s a note to all the future grooms out there. Never, EVER tell your bride to be that you just threw up the night before the wedding. I texted Chandler begging him to take Match home so he could sleep it off. I had images of a very hung over groom looking green instead of happy at the ceremony. Chandler messaged me back that he was fine and that they were dropping him off right then. I managed to get to sleep but I couldn’t help stressing a little bit. I wasn’t bridezilla stressed mind you, just a little bit worried. It’s so funny to look back on it now.

First thing the next morning Match texted me that he was fine and not at all hung over. Turns out he’d actually had some bad beer. TomBoy and her boyfriend (formerly known as Single Girl, see I changed it!) had met up with the rest of the guys for a drink since they got in late. She’d only had one beer, from the same pitcher as Match and they’d both thrown up. So I was able to breathe a bit easier knowing Match wouldn’t be hung over and grumpy for the wedding day.

That morning Match was having a boys breakfast at his parents house while I was having a girls breakfast at Tahoe Girl’s parents house. It was amazing! We had pancakes, hash browns, mimosas and coffee. I confess I wasn’t able to eat much but I did the best I could on my nervous stomach. I knew I wouldn’t be eating much for the rest of the day.

Baker Chic, Tahoe Girl, Me, Monica and TomBoy

After breakfast we headed to the bridal suite at the ceremony site. On the way over the girls cranked up some Britney Spears and we danced around and sang in the car. Β The girls did a great job of keeping me distracted and not too nervous. We had dance music blasting the entire time I was getting my hair and makeup done by Stylist Girl. It really helped calm my nerves. I wasn’t scared nervous, just incredibly excited. This was it!

The champagne helped too!

Piece of advice for all the brides to be. Wear as comfy of clothes as possible right up until you squeeze into that dress. I opted for workout pants and these fabulous slippers.

The girls kept looking at me all dolled up and getting teary eyed. I told them to tell me something to make me laugh instead of cry and the first thing Tomboy said was, “Match loves to fart!” That had us giggling so hard we ended up crying anyways. πŸ™‚

The girls helped me struggle into my dress and that’s when I really felt like a bride. Β Here’s a sneak peek at the dress that doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

I’ll continue the rest of the story when I get the professional pictures. Stay tuned!



    AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH Way to leave us hanging!!! Do you know how long we’ve been waiting? lol just kidding.

    The text from Match would have freaked me out to! Glad it was just bad beer and he was fine the next day.

    Your hair looks beautiful… can’t wait to see the rest! πŸ™‚


    BAH, this was only a teaser! No fair! Haha. Super cute hoodie! I forgot if you decided after your poll to show yours and Match’s faces in the wedding photos or not? So excited to see them!

    Date Girl

    Hehe thanks ladies! πŸ™‚ yes I think I’m going to show our faces. I will still cover my friends’ to protect their privacy. I’m a little afraid you’ll all be let down-i promise we’re both pretty average!! Oh and fair warning-I’ve got a honker of a nose! πŸ™‚


    tease!! haha

    i look forward to seeing (with or without faces) and hearing more about your big day!

    so far everything sounds great (minus the text!)

    Brittany E.

    I can’t believe he text-ed you that the night before the wedding like that!! I would have kicked his butt! Men πŸ™‚ Thank goodness it was just bad beer. I can’t wait to see your face and don’t worry your honker can’t be worse than my honker πŸ™‚


    For the record B WAS hung over the morning of our wedding. He rarely has more than a beer or two but apparently was up until 3:30 am with his cousins the night before. I could kill him. πŸ™‚

    Everything worked out though and he was fine during the day and into the night.

    I am SO glad I didn’t know about it the night before though.

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