Moving and Our Last Party in the Duplex

Victoria: I will tell you my most humiliating story.
Marshall: Yeah, Victoria! Way to step up.
Victoria: OK, it involves a game of Truth or Dare, a squeeze bottle of marshmallow ice cream topping, and the hot tub at my grandparent’s retirement community.
Future Ted: Kids, I tell you a lot of inappropriate stories, but there’s no way in hell I’m telling you this one. Don’t worry, it wasn’t that great.
Marshall: [staring goggle-eyed at Victoria] That is the greatest story ever! –How I Met Your Mother

Hello my lovely readers! I’m sorry it’s been awhile since my last post. I have been incredibly busy packing up our house and getting ready for our move to the East Bay. I’ve also switched over my hosting to a new, much better hosting site and I was afraid to post until everything transferred over. Let me know if the site is buggy for you when posting comments.

We move this Saturday and I’m so excited. We’re moving to an actual house. Not just a duplex, but a single family detached home! This is the first house I’ve lived in with Match and I feel like it is so symbolic as our first new place as a married couple. Of course I wish it was a house we were buying, but we still need to save for that and figure out if we like this new town enough to buy here. I have a feeling we will though.

Besides all of the moving preparations, we’ve been busy visiting with friends. We hosted our last party at the duplex, a surprise birthday party for Monica/co-birthday party for me on the 11th. It was also a PJ party and all of us girls got into the spirit by wearing pigtails and acting like little kids. It was such a fun night!

I’m terrible at secrets but I managed to pull off the surprise for Monica. I picked her up and distracted her the whole drive to my house with talk of her upcoming wedding next summer. When she walked in, Tahoe Couple were there, along with Monica’s Lil Sis and Match, all head to toe Pajamaed. She was shocked! We all donned party hats, and we had PJs ready for Monica and I to change into.

Here are just a few pictures from the night.

Me, Lil Sis, Monica, and Tahoe Girl

Me and Token Gay Couple. They’re getting married next!

Me and Geeky

Chandler brought me and Monica flowers. What a sweetie!

Monica and I also got cupcakes smashed in our faces by our men soon after this picture. I got frosting all over my face which will probably give me adult-acne but it was so funny. It was payback for Match and Chandler’s birthday!

We played I Never the board game. Yes there is a board game version, and it’s hilarious. Every time everyone had done the I Never, Token would say, “Suck it bitch!” before we drank. There were Truth or Dare questions mixed in with the game which really added to the retro feel of the party. At one point Chandler had to switch clothes with Monica which made for some great and embarrassing moments for Chan.
It was an amazing night and a great send off for Monica. I’m really going to miss that girl! Only 3 months til she’s back again. It was also a great last party at the duplex. We’ve had some great memories there.

When’s the last time you had a PJ party?


    One of The Guys

    You always have such fun parties. I’ve never actually been to a pajama party before. This is the second pajama party I’ve read about this week. The other was in Chelsea Handler’s book, “Bang, bang.” But they did much different stuff than you did. Funny!
    Good luck with the move.


    Oh wow sounds like so much fun!! Glad you sent the duplex out with a bang! Cute pics 😉

    Yeah so gonna have to throw one of these parties and soon as Marine gets out and we get settled! 🙂


    Also PS I tagged you 🙂

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